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Wyrmrest Accord
The tree is the symbol of life. They provide the air we breathe, grow food for the hungry, and provide shelter from the elements. As a Treehoof, you are the trees of Azeroth.

A tribe upon druid foundations, we seek to help uphold the balance of nature anywhere it is disrupted, help give lost and wandering druids to bind together for the greater good, and to be a benevolent face upon Azeroth, all while maintaining its shu’halo roots. This world is always under constant threat of those wishing to tear it apart, we will be the ones to help keep it together while trying to bring a future generation for druids to flourish their skill.

Who are we?

We are a new guild focused on bringing more druid based rp all the while adding more diversity to the shu’halo culture. Although the guild is tauren-centric, it does not mean it is tauren exclusive, any and all is welcomed to join if they wish to seek help the balance of nature. Not only will we provide events to fending off adversaries against the land, but also training session for young fledgling druids and give purpose for elders and seasoned druids to help spread their knowledge. With the coming druid and Emerald Dream/Nightmare lore in Legion, we’ll be sure to create lots of interesting views and storylines regarding the Broken Isles, as well as coming into terms with the Highmountain Tauren to help with their plights. On top of that, we will be cooperating with other tribes such as the Wolfmane, Stormsong, Broken Horn, and Stonewind on MG.

Where are we?
Our tribe’s village will be hosted in Ghost Walker Village in Desolace near the Cenarion Grove. The grove will also be a great place for rp, and the zone is accessible to many as it as low lvl 35 zone. It’s also not a far flight from Thunder Bluff. We will also try to bring more rp to Moonglade for training sessions and meditations. Otherwise, wander the world, helping the needy.

What are our plans?
Our plan is to take advantage of the new coming lore in Legion to create fantastic storylines that adheres away from the “rush in, kill bad dudes, win.” style of RP. We will have plenty of combat rps, but also there has to be someone to help repair the land after battles, or diplomatic encounters with those trying to over-resource farm some of the land. While we’re not out in the land, we’ll also be helping other druids further their skill in either one on one or group sessions of all different schools, helping people grow their own personal plot development within the guild, and take on old tauren traditions such as the great hunt, festivities, and rituals. We will also be contributing to the community as a whole to Wyrmrest, participating in server-wide events.

What do we need?
People! We are a fresh guild so we need people to help kick-start the guild in the right direction. But more importantly, we are seeking Elders and Officers to help direct and provide for future members. Contact me through whispers or mail on either Etutreehoof for more information or interest in joining.

How can I join?
We will be doing both an IC and OOC interview. A great way to reaching out is to visit the website, http://treehooftribe.shivtr.com/, apply, and we will get in contact as soon as we can.


Q: Can I join if I’m not a druid?
A: Yes! Any class is able to join. A tribe will be more versatile if we have different hands to help.

Q: What about if I’m not a tauren?
A: While our guild will have a focus on tauren culture and rp, it does not necessarily mean we will only be accepting tauren. Keep that in mind if you’re willing to join, but all races are welcomed!

Q: Do you have a website?
A: Yes, over here at http://treehooftribe.shivtr.com/ (Still under construction)

Q: What lvl am I required to join?
A: Lvl isn’t a requirement but since our tribe will be located in Desolace it is suggested that you be at least lvl 35 to be able to safely venture. And once we get into the Broken Isles be content lvl appropriate, but we will do our best to bring all levels in.

Q: Any requirements?
A: We require at least one(1) roleplay addon such as MRP or TRP, and a general knowledge of druid lore (we’ll even take those new to the lore and help inform them icly and oocly), and a drive to be an active member of rp.

Q: Will you be Raiding/PvPing?
A: As of right now our focus is RP but if our numbers grow considerably in the future we can focus on PvE and PvP content if anyone wishes to contribute.

Q: What are the rules?
A: Our guild will have a friendly and welcoming environment so please be respectful to your fellow guildmates on all level skills of rp, as well as anyone outside of the guild. Know when to separate IC and OOC, and generally be a good name.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We also have a discord available to guild members!
The following is a list and explanation of all the roles within the Treehoof Tribe.

The Core

The Trunk - The Chieftain of the Tribe.
Current Chieftain: Etu Treehoof

Branch - Elders and Officers of the Tribe. These people have shown devotion to lead and aspire other members as well as being a predominate role within the guild. Each Branch will have a specialization for which Order of Druidry they reside in as lower ranks will seek to that individual for mentorship or guidance. They will also have authority for when the Chieftain isn't present.
Current Branches: Horran, Endlesshunt

(Branch Alt, alt toons for the Branch, but as an OOC rank. These toons have the option of ICly inducting the rank as every other member and work their way to their own individual IC rank)

The Tribemates

Leaf - These are the menders of the tribe. Those either schooled in Restoration magic, medics through herbal or triage methods, and other magical schools of healing (sunwalker, seer, ect). Every druid has the power to mend the land but the Leafs are the more skilled druids.

Resin - These are the magical users of the tribe. Any druid or non-druid spell casters, wether they be astral, sunwalker, seer, mage, shaman. Also within this rank are soothsayers, fortune tellers, those specialized in the Emerald Dream, and those knowledgeable in magical properties.

Bark - These are the protectors of the tribe. Shapeshifter druids, warriors, rogues, hunters, monks, death knights, mightful Sunwalkers and shamans, and general skilled, strong fighters. These will be the main attack force when it comes to blows with adversaries disrupting nature, or protectors of fellow tribemates.
Ironbark - Honor guard for the Chieftain and Elders. These must be prestigious people and must be personally appointed by the Chieftain himself. Not only for protecting tribemates, they will also have a priority in seeking the safety of the Chieftain and Elders upon ventures and campaigns to the best of their ability, as well as being escorts for public relations and meetings.

Sapling - The new initiates of the tribe. They will have the option of being appointed to the upper ranks upon showing prowess within the tribe.

Alt/OOC - Self-explanatory. Non-Tribe IC toons, non-rp toons, etc.
Reserved 2: Electric Boogaloo
Blizz needs to update the forum profiles, aint on MG so don't believe the armory for the upper posts.
I was about to ask that as well as I noticed the last time I saw you, you were on Moon Guard but the profile armory wasn't updating.

Welcome to the server either way!
Thanks! Lookin' forward to RP with you guys!

Again, still recruiting. Let's prepare ourselves for the coming Nightmare.
Treehoof Tribe will be at the Stormsong Fight Circle outside of Thunder Bluff tonight. Let's show how you don't mess with mother nature!

Still recruiting for more to ready ourselves for Legion. Remember, you don't have to be a druid to help out the tribe!
The tribe is growing! We've recruited a few strong warriors to help protect us. Soon enough we'll be big enough to go on a trek to establish our own village!
Here comes the Legion! Nature calls, we must protect the land!
Bumpity bump.
The ragged and graying crone moved along the reaches of Desolace, still stubbornly traveling on hoof with no guide or escort to speak of in the dusty reaches. In the distance she could see the lined ridge of Feralas mocking her, but closer in view stood the Cenarion Refuge. A place of power and peace in such a battle torn desert. Maybe there she would find shelter and calm before continuing her journey through Kalimdor. Looking to her staff of bones and runic trinkets, she grinned sharply with fangs and narrowed eyes. Perhaps she would be judged by sight alone and driven away, or maybe wisdom would still their blades to her throat.

(( This is a really great concept! I love the in depth look there and the tree motif of the tribe outlook. Good luck and happy travels for your tribe! I hope you guys take off and we see a great diversity bloom in the tauren RP community! Welcome to the server and I hope to eventually get around to RPing with you all! ))
Hey! Thanks for the best wishes and nice prose :D. It'll be interesting to see how these two Chieftains meet.

Still looking for more recruits, and more specifically I'm seeking those that are proficient in the aspects of druidry (feral, resto, balance, etc) to be mentors for those wanting to seek knowledge. It's a great way to better come up and put and interesting interpretation of your role and help inspire other druids! Walk-up or PST!
A tree doesn't grow in a day. Let's make a forest! Guild is growing with each passing day. Looking forward to have what we got in store for Legion.

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Azriell leans against her staff, grinning from ear to ear. "Ahh, the ways of our order are not forgotten. Good. I wish you and yours luck, Brother Treehoof. If ever you have need of us, simply call upon the winds. We will come."


Much love from the Windsong! We should chat about working events together here and there!
The sounds of hippogryph in the distance is quickly followed by the loud war cries of the Shadowhoof who flew on their backs. Diving down through the trees and circling once or twice before landing, the pack of five stayed on their mounts as a large bird fluttered down and the Matriarch shifted to her tauren form.

"Ah, so the stories are true. My sister spoke of you on the winds... Perhaps--" She looked to her people, then back-- "Perhaps we can be of assistance to you and yours in the future. As the Windsong are willing, then so too are the Shadowhoof ready to stand guard upon your mission."


(( *Hip checks thread to the top* Bumps for a really rad group of moo-folk! ))
Hey thanks! We need to ICly acquaint sometime :P.

Also bump.
Hey, what's this? A bump?

We're getting new members every day and starting to establish key roles for the tribe as we're going to have our first tribal meeting tonight to discuss plans for the future. We've already been requested by a tribe to come help repair their village's land after a centaur attack.
Cleanup in Aisle Barrens.

Our tribe helped out repair some broken land the Broken Horn Tribe suffered under thwarting off centaur attacks. We were more than delighted to help.

Our tribe is growing stronger every day, and we've even picked up a few variety of classes! PST if you're interested! Come closer to Legion we'll have many opportunities to make sure nature is in tact.
The Legion invades tomorrow! The call of nature is upon us my friends! Let's go out and drive back those that want to tarnish the land of Azeroth.

This is a bump, we're still recruiting as our numbers are steadily growing larger! Come do your part in the balance of nature.
After an incursion with some foul satyr activity in Desolace that actually brought forth a void revenant to the world, the Treehoof tribe were reluctantly in time to stop it all and rid the evils! What other treachery could be found in these lands!

Soon the tribe will be establishing a village in Desolace, come join and be a part of a growing tribe. For the Earth Mother!

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