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I was wondering if there's a service somewhere that would allow me to swap two characters' places on connected realms; eg a character who is on Terokkar to Alexstrasza, and a character from Alexstrasza to Terokkar, without having to buy two separate Character Transfers?

Just thought I'd ask before making a decision.
Nope. You'll have to pay for the two transfers.
Ah well, not worth it then. Thanks.

Pity I can't elect to get Balance instead of a digital key if I went the whole digital-the-CE-swap route, that'd resolve in the best case scenario for me.
Can I ask why you need to swap two characters on a connected realm ? As both realms can do the same things with each other it shouldn't matter. This monk and my hunter that I'll post with next were once in the same guild.
same name, connected realm, both were in the same guild.

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