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EDIT: Due to no longer having the time to keep this thread up to date I will no longer be updating it as such. Please note there have been next to zero changes with fury going from 7.2 to 7.2.5 in terms of ability usage so the core information here is still correct, however I would urge you to checkout the information on MMOchamp's warrior forums as that will have more up to date information.


I - Talents and Stat Priority:

II - How to Play: Single Target / Area of Effect / Cooldowns: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#3

III - Warswords of Valajar - Your Artifact and you: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#4

IV - Consumables, Enchants, Gems and Racials:

V - Legiondaries and the Mechanics of Fury:

Recent Updates:

1/4/2017 - Updated w/ 7.2 traits path, nothing else has changed for fury as of this note.
I - Talents and Stat Priority:


Every 15 levels you will be able to select a talent, each talent provides a unique improvement to gameplay and some talents are more effective than others in certain situations. With Legion you're only able to change your talents in a safe zone which consists of Main Cities and Inns mostly, with also a minor grace period when entering a dungeon.

Level 15:

War Machine - Is fantastic for leveling / open world fury, allowing you to chain kills much faster with that 30% Haste and 30% movement speed increase for 15s.

Endless Rage - It's as simple as it sounds, it provides a passive 30% additional rage from our auto attacks, the go to on most fights with minimal add spawns.

Fresh Meat - Provides a 60% increased change for Bloodthirst to crit above 80% health on the target. It's something you would want to avoid using unless the specific fight will function entirely above this phase as the first 80% of any fight goes by rather fast as most strategies utilise all cooldowns, pre pots and Heroism / Time Warp / Blood Lust at the beginning of a fight.

Level 30:

Shockwave - An Area of Effect cone attack which stuns all enemies within 10y (infront of you) and it's cooldown is lowered to 20s if it hits 3+ targets. This is your main CC for add packs and is very useful for both dungeons and raids which require stuns on multiple enemies.

Stormbolt - A Single Target stun on a 30s cooldown, it no longer has any bonus damage on stun immune targets, so it's main use is if you need a more frequent stun on one target only. You won't really use this much in PvE, it's more useful in PvP though due to it is a ranged attack.

Double Time - Your go to mobility option when stuns aren't required. This also synergises well with Furious Charge to increase self sustain.

Level 45:

Wrecking Ball - This empowers your Whirlwind quite often. It's not as effective as Avatar when it comes to AoE due to how inconsistent it is as 20% extra damage controlled on burst is stronger that a sporadic increase in a raid encounter or dungeon.

Outburst - Don't use it, it only provides a 4s enrage every 45s with use of Berserker Rage, the other two talent options blow this out of the water. I still have no clue why this has even gone live in this state as a useless talent.

Avatar - The Single Target option, it's as simple as using it every time it's available, however you may want to hold off on a use if the boss will be dying in less then 90s to line up with your next battle cry or execute phase. Our best option.

Level 60:

Furious Charge - Adds a flat 12% extra health to be healed on the next use of Bloodthirst after the use of charge. A great option or self sustain especially out in the open world where you'll be charging to engage enemies more often and works well with Double Time.

Bounding Stride - A great mobility option for when you need it.

Warpaint - Lowers your enraged increased damage taken to 15% instead of 20%. Useful for when you need to take less damage, less appealing than the other two options.

Level 75:

Massacre - A great way to boost your enrage uptime within the execute phase, generally your go to Single Target talent once you get deeper into the Fury Artifact. The best prog talent for most raid bosses that last over 5 minutes. It also is equal or higher than Frothing Berserker if you have Ayala's or Ceann-Ar's Charger as your legendaries.

Frothing Berserker - It's useful now in fights where you won't be using Execute all that often or there is little to no chance to build up Juggernaut stacks. Your best option in general use and fights that last <5minutes.

Carnage - You're rarely ever going to take this talent as the above two are better. It's no longer the stronger option in AoE as Frothing Berserker outdoes it.

Level 90:

Bloodbath - Use on cooldown, continue with normal rotation.

Frenzy - Causes Furious Slash to provide a stacking haste buff (3 stacks max), and you'll want to refresh at a minimum of <2s left on Frenzy to maintain it.

Inner Rage - Turns your rotation into a 3 step process of Bloodthirst -> Raging Blow -> X and then repeat.

Level 100:

Bladestorm - It's damage is laughable at best and is never to be taken as Fury as Odyn's Fury / Whirlwind are better uses of the GCD and cannot be covered properly by enrage.

Reckless Abandon - Our best option now, provides +2s to battle cry and grants 100 rage, further gets improved with our 4p set and Convergence of Fates our BiS trinket in Nighthold.

Dragon Roar - It's in the bin, sub par talent due to changes made in 7.1.5.

Stat Priority:

Your stat priority will be consistently changing with both increased gear as well as the trinkets you have access to and it's best to run Simulations yourself on SimCraft for more accurate results.

Haste > Mastery > Vers > Crit
II - How to Play:

Please note: Below is just a guideline on priority and may be subject to change.

Single Target:

Frenzy Build.

Furious Slash (w/ < 2s Remaining on Frenzy) > Rampage If Procced by Massacre / about to cap rage > Bloodthirst > Wrecking Ball Whirlwind (If talented) > Raging Blow (enraged) > Furious Slash.

Inner Rage build.

You follow a Bloodthirst -> Raging Blow -> X rotation where X is your filler which is prioritised as such.

Execute if sub 20% (Stacking juggernaut as high as possible) > Rampage when rage is capped when frothing berserker activates > Wrecking Ball Whirlwind (If talented) > Furious Slash.

Inner Rage is the preferred build to play.


Now, Rampage use has been covered above, however you will be able to net higher damage delaying it to when you're not enraged or to guarantee you're enraged for a certain burst opportunity.

You want to avoid using Rampage until you've hit 100 rage if talented into Frothing Berserker to maximise this buff's uptime.

Area of Effect:

Any time you fight against multiple enemies you need to understand the following.

Your Whirlwind will cause your next Bloodthirst or Rampage to cleave to up to 4 additional nearby targets.

So in general you're going to want to Bloodthirst on cooldown and use whirlwind twice in between.

Bloodthirst > Whirlwind > Whirlwind > Bloodthirst

Doing this indefinately will cause you to rage cap, so this is where Rampage comes into play where you'll do the following.

Bloodthirst > Whirlwind > Rampage > Whirlwind > Bloodthirst

This causes you to end up having to delay a use of Bloodthirst to allow for Rampage to both use up your rage you've gathered and increases your enrage up time accordingly while also doing more damage then you would if you did not enable Bloodthirst to cleave after Rampage has consumed the hidden Meat Cleaver effect.

Additionally if you're specced into Frenzy you'll be using Furious Slash to upkeep the haste buff it provides as it's usually the better AoE talent in it's tier mostly due to Bloodbath not running it's course based on speeds of which enemies die.

***Please Note*** Meat Cleaver is obtained at level 58. Below 58 you can just spam whirlwind to your heart's content for AoE damage.


Effectively using them every time they're available will net you a great deal of damage, however this isn't always the smartest thing to do as it's fight dependent on when it's best to actually use your cooldowns.

How do you know if delaying a cooldown will be worth it? It's quite simple when you get the hang of it but it requires knowing the fight, add wave timers, and how many uses you can make with the cooldown so if you have to stagger it you don't miss out on a use.

How to use Battle Cry:

The Battle Cry window is one of the most important mechanics you'll need to learn how take advantage of in order to maximise your damage as fury.

This assumes you've talented into Reckless Abandon which is our best option for both single / multi target.

For Single Target.

Battle Cry + Rampage (0.1s after you've hit Battle Cry) -> Raging Blow -> Odyn's Fury -> Bloodthirst -> Raging Blow -> Furious Slash -> Bloodthirst

For AoE

Whirlwind -> Battle Cry + Rampage -> Odyn's Fury -> WW x2-3 -> Bloodthirst to keep enrage going in the final GCD of Battle Cry.
III - Warswords of Valajar - Your Artifact and You:

Tips on Obtaining your Warswords:

So to obtain your Warswords you will receive a Quest from Odyn at level 100 when you get access to our Class Hall the Skyhold or if this is your second choice of Artifact you're able to obtain these at level 102 and above, as long as you are in the fury spec itself the quest will become available in the Skyhold.

The quest will in fact scale with your characters gear and for some this may be more difficult, however I didn't personally see a difference from both the 680 templates on the beta to my 745 geared character copy.

Ideally you're going to want to set-up your talents as follows before you begin the Quest.


Make sure to utilise Piercing Howl to slow your enemies if your health gets too low so you can comfortably run away or heroic leap away and charging back in to heal yourself via Furious Charge.

Use Enraged Regeneration as a defensive and ensure when it's used you're able to use Bloodthirst on the enemy to allow you to heal yourself even more.

Take enemies a pack at a time, don't bite off more then you can chew.

When you're fighting the boss, please for the love of Odyn run away from the whirlwind you won't be able to face tank it and live to tell your tale.

If you're really having troubles pretend you've been mugged and remove your Neck / Rings / Cloak before beginning the scenario, it'll trick the system and lower the health of your targets.

So I've got my Swords now what?

Now begins the fun of leveling your Artifact with Artifact Power which can be obtains from all aspects of gameplay.

There are some better Artifact trait paths to take, please note the following Image.


Orange -> Green -> Blue -> Red is your preferred priority when it comes to leveling your artifact, after this do what you will with the remaining traits.

Why? Well Odyn's Champion is currently the best Gold tier trait for fury, Helya's Wrath is also very important in lining up our Battle Cry with Dragon Roar and Odyn's Fury.
After Odyn's Champion, Juggernaut is required in order for Execute to be useful but it's use mostly comes on longer fights.
Lastly we back track into Berserking as it's the least useful gold trait, but is available at all times. Lastly Sense Death is taken and then you can do what you will.

However you can opt to take Berserking before Juggernaut if you're not going to be raiding, ultimately the best way to level your Artifact depends on the content you intend on tackling.

With 7.2 we have access to new traits and the AP grind begins once again.

Your priority to level your artifact from now is as follows.

Fury of the Valajar -> Unrivaled Strength -> Pulse of Battle -> Oathblood -> Death and Glory -> Raging Berserker -> Wrath and Fury -> Unstoppable -> Deathdealer-> Wind Slashes -> Uncontrollable Rage -> Battle Scars or Bloodcraze (doesn't matter which first) until finally you can start on the new Paragon trait.

Odyn's Fury!

And now time for our new ability Odyn's Fury.

Odyn's Fury - Unleashes the fiery power Odyn bestowed the Warswords, dealing (250% + 250%) Fire damage and an additional (400% of Attack power) Fire damage over 4 sec to all enemies within 14 yards.

This ability is quite powerful in both Single Target and AoE and effectively you're going to want to treat it right.
Essentially to make the most of Odyn's Fury whenever it's available you're going to want to do the following.

Dragon Roar (On-GCD) -> Battle Cry (Off-GC) + Bloodthirst (On GCD) to force enrage -> Raging Blow -> Odyn's Fury

As this will happen every 50s with Helya's Wrath it's fine to delay your Odyn's Fury by the 5s as when you reach the mark where you would lose out on one use of Odyn's Fury for the fight it's overshadowed by the benefit that both Dragon Roar's damage increase and Battle Cry's 100% Crit + Increased Crit % damage (with unrivaled strength) provides.

Depending on the fight, you may find yourself delaying Odyn's Fury to maximise it's AoE contribution for high priority adds.


Relics are the new weapon gems so to speak, each will provide an item level boost to your weapon as well as increasing the rank of any traits allocated to it.

The general rule of thumb is Item Level rules all so you won't really be giving two thoughts on the trait increased as the item level contributes more to your role of a damage dealer.

You also unlock access to a 3rd relic slot in your artifact weapon at the end of your class hall campaign, definitely something you want to be stuck into asap.

A second chance to tear your foes apart:

The Warswords provide it's wielder with a pretty cool cheat death passive on a 15m cooldown as follows.

Gaze of the Val'kyr - Odyn has granted you a second chance to defeat that which has bested you in combat. Do this within 8 sec and Odyn will grant you your life and restore 50% of your health.

It's as simple as it sounds, you have 8s to kill that which killed you to avoid the embarrassment of a corpse run.
IV - Consumables, Enchants, Gems and Racials:


Flask: Flask of the Countless Armies.

Potion: Potion of the Old War is the best, however Potion of Prolonged Power which is new to 7.1 is useful for when you're running Mythic + as you're able to keep a very high uptime on most trash pulls as well as bosses.

Food: Azshari Salad, grants 375 haste.

Even a mighty warrior needs to eat their greens.


Rings: Enchant Ring - Binding of Haste, +200 Haste.

Neck: Enchant Neck - Mark of the Hidden Satyr, procs a single target attack that scales with mastery and cooldowns.

Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Binding of Strength, +200 Strength.


Naturally you're going to want to gem Haste so Quick Dawnlight (+150 Haste) is your best bet.


The damage difference between Racials is laughable at best and not really worth worrying about. Just pick the race you find the coolest/ most good looking / awesome to you, make sure you love their animations as you're going to be seeing a lot of them while you play your warrior.

However some racials do provide some nice utility which can be a selling point as to what to play so I'll cover the flavour each race provides.

Human: You gain Reputation 10% faster (less dailies to reach exalted, woohoo!) and have access to a 2 minute stun break which can be useful in PvE encounters.

Gnome: You gain a root break on a 1 minute cooldown, aint nobody keeping you in the one place for long so you're free to bite all the ankles.

Dwarf: You gain Stoneform which Removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects and reduces all physical damage taken by 10% for 8 sec on a 2 minute cooldown. Having a personal dispel isn't bad at all. Best beard by far.

Draenei: 20% total health heal you can use on yourself or on an ally, quite handy given how much bonus health Fury Warriors have.

Night Elf: Allows you to pretend to be a magician every 2 minutes with Shadowmeld. Now you see me! and now you don't. You also may get gold if you dance on a mailbox.

Worgen: You get a 10s 40% movement speed sprint on a 2min CD, and you are your own mount if you feel like running wild. Who let the dogs out?

Pandaren: Died from jumping off too many cliffs and failing to land a heroic leap to save yourself because of that darn pebble? Well you'll take 50% less fall damage as a Panda, so this just may save your life. You also get access to a soft CC effect (breaks on damage) which can be useful at times in both PvE and PvP.

Blood Elf: An AoE Silence on a 90s Cooldown, quite useful when your pummel is down or multiple enemies are casting death nearby.

Goblin: You can fart with such power every 90s you fly into the direction you're facing momentarily becoming airbone, you also get a access to your bank for 1 minute every 30 minutes.

Orc: 10% less stun duration on you, +100 to shoulder size.

Tauren: Stuns up to 5 enemies you have a beef with within 8y for 2s on a 90s cooldown.

Undead: You can eat a humanoid or undead corpse from a slain enemy (both npc / player) to regenerate health on a 2 minute cooldown, the ultimate disrespect.

Troll: Regenerate 10% of your out of combat health regen during combat.
And there is nothing
your enemies
can do
V - Legiondaries and the Mechanics of Fury:


NOTE: Yes I know the below items will say not found until Blizzard updates their website with Legiondary items.

Over the course of your travels in all content you will be able to obtain a Legiondary item which will have a set affix attached to it. These all vary in strength and provide different benefits. So there isn't a clear cut 'best' Legendary for all situations, however some are stronger than others and with the amount of Legiondary items you can equip being limited you will find yourself switching these out depending on what's best suited for your current situation.

So the (John) Ceann-Ar Charger ( https://youtu.be/Uufq_PFXbpA. ) provides a baseline effect we previously had as apart of Enrage itself, this is definitely one of the best Legiondaries as it increases our enrage uptime as the more rage we obtain, the more we can rampage which in turn is a large factor of our ability to maintains higher enrage uptime while not drastically changing our playstyle.

Ayala's Stone Heart allows for Execute to have a chance to be able to be used at any % for free, this synergises nicely with the Massacre Talent in allowing for potential free Rampages which would then increase enrage uptime accordingly.

Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles converts Rage into Health which dramatically increases fury's survivability in the open world and would be a nice boon to have during raids if healers are having issues. Provides zero dps from it's affix.

Naj'entus's Vertebrae, the AoE choice as it increases Whirlwind's hits from 3 to 4 with each cast. This does synergise well with Wrecking Ball, however will only hit an extra 2 times if it hits 3+ targets.

Kazzalax, Fujieda's Fury causes Bloodthirst to increase your damage done and healing received, it's a nice option if you don't have access to the Ceann-Ar charger or Ayala's.

There are of course a few other Legiondaries you can equip but they don't really have any effect on gameplay and won't really see much use outside of using them for the ilvl if you don't have access to others.

The Mechanics of Fury:

So as a fury warrior you're going to want to understand the mechanics of your spec to be able to optimise yourself for your situation.

Enrage - Increases your attack speed by 100%, increases damage taken by 30% and activates your mastery causing you to deal a further % of increased damage based on your mastery. Enrage is activated whenever your Bloodthirst crits on your main target or whenever Rampage is used.
While it might seem a tad daunting taking extra damage while enraged, you're not enraged all of the time, yet you have access to many mechanics such as having the highest health of all DPS specs, a sizable amount of self healing that can further be increased with PvP talents.

Meat Cleaver - As covered in the AoE section, Meat Cleaver causes your next Bloodthirst or Rampage used to hit an additional 4 nearby targets. Once again please note this is only in effect for players level 58 or above.

Taste for Blood - This is a stacking bonus +15% chance on your next Bloodthirst to critically strike. You don't have to worry too much about maintaining this as you're only ever going to use Furious Slash as a filler to which you'll often find yourself at times ignoring Furious Slash for a while if you're not specced into Frenzy as there are better buttons to press.
Reserved for future use.
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Thanks for taking the time to do this!
I'm Captain Samayael and this is my favorite Legion Fury guide on the Citadel.
Thankyou Greìl. Much appreciated.
Thanks for the great guide!
Thank you so much!
If haste to 18% (with no trinket buff) is now our highest stat priority i would assume this means we should swap our gems and enchants from mastery to haste.
Mad props to Greìl for writing up the Fury Guide.
How bad is tomorrow for a non-raider like me going to suck?
07/18/2016 06:36 AMPosted by Greìl
however you NEVER want to waste Battle Rage on Dragon Roar, you want to use it on the next global after Dragon Roar to not waste the 100% crit chance provided by Battle Rage.

its called battle cry not battle rage that gives the 100% crit
07/18/2016 05:36 PMPosted by Detailz
07/18/2016 06:36 AMPosted by Greìl
however you NEVER want to waste Battle Rage on Dragon Roar, you want to use it on the next global after Dragon Roar to not waste the 100% crit chance provided by Battle Rage.

its called battle cry not battle rage that gives the 100% crit

Cheers will update when I get home, must've had D3 on the brain.
Very helpful to those of us who haven't spent time on the beta. Thanks!

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