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Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Any vets still around? Came back to check out Legion and curious to see if any old timers are doing the same. Hopefully some people still check these forums every now and then for nostalgia sake.
Go away Vin. Nobody likes you.
I'm by no means a known vet considering I moved from Kirin Tor mid BC. But I had this, my first character ever, restored after many years. I still login on occasion.

I still remember Seraphic's Tarren Mill and UC raids.
Vigra: Sergeant Major
Started on Kirin Tor 2005
1st guild: Enders
2nd guild: Phoenixstorm
3rd guild: Zeal
3rd guild: Misadventure inc
4th guild: Daoine Sidhe (I own this guild. sorry not recruiting do to laziness)

Gava: Sergeant
Started on Kirin Tor 2005
1st Guild: Toxic
2nd Guild: Blacklisted
3rd Guild: The A List something like that
4th Guild: Angel Of Darkness, miss them very good people including guild leader
Took Free transfer back in day to The Scryers Realm now on Thrall Realm
<< Jayson

Where the original KT people at
I've been on KT since 2004, but I'm a bit anti-social since TBC. Best times were with my original guild when we got the realm-first C'thun kill. TBC just wasn't the same as most of the best quit the game after college and such.

I bounced around to a couple of other guilds through WotLK, but now I'm just doing my own thing.
Joined May 2006
Guild: Eardestapan

Conspired with many villains to bring mischief and chaos to the realm. Held on for a long time through the WrA/MG great exodus, then got bored and jumped onto another realm mid-WoD to play with some old friends.

All of my alts are still here, though :p
Been on Kirin Tor since 2004. Night Elf warrior named Skit. Few different guilds Night Elves of Shannara, Midnight Fury, Vidi Dragonis, From Ashes, Already in a Guild.
Big daddy in the house
This isn't my main anymore. Mostly just collecting dust in a sadly long-dead guild. RIP Flaming Fishies. ._.

Been on KT since December 2015. Started off with a Human Rogue of the same name as this char in the Seraphim Order, which became the Phoenix Remnants, then moved to the Academy of the Arcane, then Piscus Inferno, then... can I just pretend I never left Piscus Inferno only to rejoin them in WotLK after 1-2 years of nothing but running into guild drama repeatedly? :c
Nice to see everyone posting and a few names I certainly remember. Vin was my warlock and Hips originally went by Karsten in vanilla and BC. Cedric.. I still watch that C'Thun kill from time to time even to this day. I hope everyone has been enjoying Legion, it's been a great experience so far personally.
I liked your post bro
I was here back in TBC. Played with <Daemonic Warlords> and then <The A List> for a bit before moving servers. Glad to be back! :^)
09/05/2016 04:16 PMPosted by Therodan
Been on Kirin Tor since 2004. Night Elf warrior named Skit. Few different guilds Night Elves of Shannara, Midnight Fury, Vidi Dragonis, From Ashes, Already in a Guild.

"Already in a Guild"
Bandonn and Raeali are still kicking around (Me being Bandonn, old Hunter CL) and Raeali is now Hellokittie the mage. Nice seeing that old name and not immediately being triggered to murder people, heh.
I played (still have him, not really active) Tostido/Cheetopuff.

Was in Excelcius and Delirum on alliance.

I switched to horde and played as Moocowstomp with ... Late night Elites (I don't remember the name )

Came back for the DH, but for whatever reason nobody likes to group with them.

Cheers to you all!
I pulled my old wow videos off of my old PC last night and put them on youtube. This was pre-twitch so recording game capture was a huge pita so I only have some random raid clips and they're not even very good but maybe some people from Blacklisted read this and they were in the video or something. No pvp clips :( Apologies for the cringy music, it was like 10 years ago

An earlyish Ragnaros kill (Spring 2006 maybe?)

Some good S keying here, awful UI, clicking etc. I still don't understand how to avoid the thing that killed me in this I never did. Notice the world buffs etc lol

AV patch 2.0 (pre-TBC) with snowballs

This was funny af I think it was one of the first time they added snowballs to AV during the holidays and you could use them on the same faction

Horde first Nefarian kill RP parade

Another horde guild got the first kill on, Onyxia maybe? But they had a parade in Org so when we killed Nef we served some crow

Random Leotheras attempt in TBC

I quit for a while after hitting 70 and did twink pvp for a while but came back when Blacklisted was starting SSC. Poopsocked Kara and reputations etc. to gear up on greedy offensive gear with no stam. Crazy crit chain of sword spec/windfury procs pulled aggro and got 2 shotted rip

Shade of Akama

I guess this was probably the height of my tryhardness, note the UI, the fact that I was recording a vod lol, sorry again for the music
hey vin

-- haline

add me :^)


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