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Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
Umathyor shook the gore from his mace. To each side of him, a wall of Tauren warriors and Paladins stopped to catch their breath as they dispatched the last of the Stormwind defenders. He looked with pride at his brothers and sisters that stood by his side. Uma let out a cheer. It was good to remind the alliance that the Shu'halo have horns. Suddenly, the call of an Alliance horn rang off the walls of Stormwind and the rush of boots heralded the return of the humans to the trade district for yet another dose of Tauren steel. Each time they came, their numbers grew. This time, there may be too many to fight off.

Arrows began to hiss past Uma’s ears as the hunters behind him picked out targets. Their beasts rampaged through the alliance line. The paving stones shook as druid quakes slowed the alliance rush. The wave of pale, pink flesh broke on the Tauren shield wall. Mace, axe and sword struck down the humans into heaps of pulp.

“We are done here”. Shouted the Chieftess Mootonka over the din. Between healing casts, she called for a portal. A mage from the Dreadhorde waved his hand and the gate appeared. Slowly, the shieldwall gave ground as one by one, the Shu’halo stepped through the portal. With a flash, the door winked out of existence as the last Tauren stepped through.

Thunderhoof Clan is an exclusive Tauren guild on the World of Warcraft server, The Venture Co.

We are not just a guild of people with Tauren Toons. We are a guild of Tauren Enthusiasts.

The Thunderhoof Clan was formed almost 10 years ago (August 2nd, 2007) by Padwanu Thunderhoof; the clan's first Chieftain. The Thunderhoof Clan was organized around a core of Tauren veterans returning to Thunder Bluff after the "Burning Crusade" and was originally created as more of a Mulgore Defense Force against alliance incursions.

The Clan itself makes no demands on it's members and allows them to pursue their own interests. However, when Thunder Bluff calls for aid, the Thunderhoof Clan responds in force. When Mulgore demands retribution, it is the Thunderhoof Clan that seeks it out.

At the core of the Clan is a Code of Honor that every member is held to. This code is strictly enforced for the benefit of the membership. News is shared by the membership at weekly gatherings in front of Caine's lodge.

The Thunderhoof Clan is also a member of a mutual defense group called the "Dread Horde Coalition". The Dread Horde is made up of 5 guilds that have made an oath to come to each others defense in times of need. It is not uncommon to see large combined raiding parties attacking allied interests.

Our player base has a 'prime-time' between 4-10pm server-time. Our members are generally older than average age wise, though we welcome players of all ages. We do, require that you act in a “mature” manner. Our guild exists for the enjoyment of all of our members, and we will not tolerate behavior that goes against our Code of Honor.

Our model focuses on a sense of equality among all members regardless of rank,
taking individual responsibility for ourselves, our actions and our own gaming experiences. The Clan makes no demands of anyone's time in-game and allows everyone to pursue whatever activities that interest them. Our primary goal is maintaining a casual and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy their game time as they choose.

More than anything we are a theme guild. Our only rule regarding RP is everyone must respect the role-play of those around them since this is an RP server. Our guild chat is non-RP (OOC), but we expect our members to view /s or /y chat as an official RP channel and to carry themselves as honorable Tauren in the world. Clan-run events often have an RP flare to them and we welcome members to get involved with open RP opportunities across the servers.

PvP happens on a PvP server, and Thunderhoof Clan has an active crew of PvPers that often group together for random battlegrounds and arenas. Defending our homeland of Mulgore and responding to a Clansmate in trouble are also great opportunities to represent our Clan on the wpvp stage. As a member of the DreadHorde guild coalition, we often join in for WPvP events and RBGs hosted by other guilds.
Casual PvE

Thunderhoof Clan members enjoy a casual PvE atmosphere in the form of questing, dungeons, LFR and normal raiding. These activities are done for the enjoyment of the members. Progression is not a priority. That being said, our guild does strive to clear all current content on normal setting. As time and ability allows, we do go back and visit heroic and mythic content.

For more information and to apply please visit: http://thunderhoofclan.enjin.com/home
..meanwhile back at The Pond.......
Them's good cow-people.

10/10 would go hang out at the pond, but the guards don't like the idea of that.
Welcome Back!! Thunder Bluff has seen the return of many Shu'Halo recently. If you are one of them and in need of a new herd, look to the Thuderhoof!
The Thunderhoof Tribe will be celebrating it's 9th Anniversary on August 2nd. Please join us!! Watch for details
Hail honorable Thunderhoof! It is always cause for the heart to rejoice when your tribesmen are present.

May the winds be at your backs!
So many returning members! Who knew that the Legion Invasion would bring out the Shu'Halo!
The return of the Legion is only days away. Now is the time for all Shu'Halo to join together in the defense of Mulgore and Thunder Bluff
Are you Shu'Halo?
Looking for mature players to spend your evenings with?
Do you have a personality that doesn't make a person think of pimples?

Then the Thunderhoof Clan may be right for you. Check out our website:
Bump for awesome justice! (also i need to actually be on my hoof more)
Secure your oats, Aovi has returned to Mulgore.
11/21/2016 09:30 PMPosted by Aovi
Secure your oats, Aovi has returned to Mulgore.

Shu'Halo, are you tired of.....

tripping over your co-workers?
Being "Moo-ed" at?
explaining the difference between An'She and Mu'Sha?
sitting down so you can look someone eye to eye?
being compared to a steak?

If so, then the Thunderhoof Clan may be the guild for you. Currently farming normal EN and Karazhan weekly. Mythic and Heroic dungeon opportunities daily. opportunites for RBG's. plenty of guild events and opportunities for RP. All in a "grown-up" friendly guild chat and teamspeak setting.
We have recently made connections with a number of Tauren Tribes (guilds) on Wyrmrest Accord so that we can offer many more Shu'Halo RP events with much larger numbers. Are you looking for a friendly and mature guild that really does offer opportunities to run mythics, raid, and RBG's? Are you looking for some high quality Tauren RP with the bite of WPvP. Then Check out the Thunderhoof Clan.

For the HERD!!!!
01/19/2017 09:30 PMPosted by Umathyor
Wormrest Accord

That's certainly how I feel about them.
Thank you for pointing out my spelling error. It has been corrected
Oh, I thought it was entirely on purpose just like when I do it.
Dire days are coming. With every defeat, the legion becomes more desperate. It is only a matter of time before their gaze will turn to our homes. And with every victory, the alliance becomes bolder. It will not be long before their gaze will also turn towards our homes. Both will strike without warning and without mercy. Remember Taurajo! The Great Gate was built for a reason.

If you are a tauren returning from war, or are new to Mulgore, You can find a home with the Thunderhoof Clan. Anyone on Thunder Bluff can point you towards us.
The Thunderhoof Clan is recruiting active Shu'Halo to our ranks. We currently have normal Nighthold on farm. We offer weekly opportunities to farm heroic Nighthold. Weekly Mount runs in Karazahn. Weekly rp guild meetings. Opportunities for RP with other guilds on both Emerald Dream and Wyrmrest Accord. Opportunities for RBGs run with other guilds. We are well connected. If you want to do something and we don't do it as a guild, we can hook you up with the people that do.

Just one requirement: Must be Tauren to join.

Check out our website and fill out an application at Thunderhoofclan.enjin.com

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