World server is down

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Kicked off Blade's Edge if you don't have it on the list. Thanks.
The Server is Sentinels and all characters are missing. I get a notice telling me I have been disconnected from the Server.
Shadowmoon sever, my garrison
AHHHHHH, what shall I do?????????
durotan also down
Zul'jin as well
Elune as well
Dalaran server down
US- Stormrage is down also, looks like more fixing hours.
Having issues aswell. Try logging in on any server I have characters on and i get (WOW51900328) You have been disconnected.
Eredar down as well, I'd like to point out that when I join random bgs, the ping goes up and it's unplayable, home ping is fine but world ping makes it unplayable.
Kicked out of illidan cant connect back on
having the same issue on lightinghoof. get to the retrieving realm part and when i select it. disconnects me. what is going on?
Can't log into Zuljin
I am having trouble with my Server Argent Dawn also after I gotten disconnected and get stuck on logging into game server and sometimes get the Retrieving Realm info then disconnect after 1 min. After a while I get the Realm list to pop up and now its not showing that I have Characters in any of the servers I have made.
You had one job, Blizzard.
just get up sargeras first no other servers they all can wait lol
Whisperwind. Stormwind near target dummies.
Darkspear is down finally got past the realm list screen see a few servers are up but none I have characters on

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