World server is down

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I am having the same issue for Kargath. Trying to log in to my garrison.
US-Mok'Nathal down also, well all of my servers are down, I have no characters to play.
oh hey!
Azralon, BR down as well.
Yep everything is PFFFFFTTT! On Illidan, Blackrock,Thrall, pretty much every single serve I play...
Same problem but on a populated server: Dalaran. My friends can get into that server dou, i just can't for some reason. But I think this may be because of add ons. All add ons will be outdated and may screw things up
can't log in to ysera
SoO on Sargeras. Wont let me get to character select page now.
Illidan is down
Ursin for me location ashran
Black Dragonflight is also having issues as well
keep getting unable to connect. i am in my garrison ravencrest server
Coilfang server
Can't get past "Logging in to game server". Nazjatar Elwynn forest
dalaran sever get to the realm selection then get disconnected
Icecrown is down also. In Slagmines
Zuluhed server, as well as Mok'Nathal - won't display # of characters on servers on Server List either. Was afraid I was hacked for a moment...
Kel'Thuzad is down. Unable to log on to any realm.

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