Floating Combat Text Numbers Too Small

Bug Report
The numbers from hitting mobs is so damn small I can barely tell if it's a dot, my pet, or my big awesome spell doing damage. Doesn't feel good to press a huge ability that's expected to really rock the socks off the enemy to see no real visual feedback. Especially lackluster for crits which barely seem to differentiate themselves from the regular hits.
Sometimes my damage doesnt even show up...
im having this same problem. any luck yet?
Same problem here. I can barely see the damage I'm doing. The text gets so small when standing max range from your target. Kind of annoying not being able to easily see your damage.
I couldn't agree more. I just shut the game off and stopped playing because it annoyed me so much. It may sound stupid but that's the only reason I played at this point was to see those big number flash in front of my face. Now they're so small, I can't see them hardly at all. No sense of accomplishment getting off a big spell. Can't wait for BF1 to come out.
Any update on this? Anyone find a way to make the text bigger?
so I was watching a youtube video, and the damage numbers are bigger on the video then I have. Did they make them bigger themselves or what?

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