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Yep and with the new phasing those nice rp events are dead due to it.
Please, please fix this.

This is extremely destructive to RP, something that is frankly already declining in WoW. While I understand that unfortunately RP is not a priority for the devs, the RP community has always been one very dedicated to WoW-- after all, we're the ones who stick around in between the YEAR(s) long patches and between content releases.

While I don't particularly care about having other realms in my phase, the fact that so few people are -in- a single phase is awful for city and even world RP. This has completely disrupted ability to engage in walk-up RP, and I cannot fathom how server events will be able to take place now.

I have played this game for eight years. This may actually be the thing that truly forces me to leave the game. RP Is why I play. RP is why most of my friends, and a huge chunk of my guild play. This is destroying the RP community that my server, and other servers like it, have worked so hard to develop, and causing friction where there need be none!

Play this while sitting alone in the once highly populated areas. If you don't cry, I'd be shocked.
Quite frankly, if this is a bug, it needs to be fixed. If it's "Working as intended" then pardon my language but this is a big steaming pile of horse crap. CRZ completely destroys the RP community on servers that were designed and designated specifically for that.... RP. Many of us play mainly for the RP, and if that community is destroyed you (blizzard) will have to deal with a substantial loss of revenue when those who do play for the RP decide you aren't worth our money anymore. This needs to be fixed, because for us roleplayers, this breaks the game. We can't play it. I shouldn't be standing in the middle of terokkar forest RPing with a guild mate in my party and then suddenly we vanish from each other's view.

Furthermore, on moonguard we have had large scale, multi-guild, cross faction RP and RP-PVP events. Tournament of ages and Fall of Stromgarde are two recent examples that had quite literally hundreds of participants each day for the entire week that they ran. We have an amazing community and enjoy events like that. CRZ makes it so that we will never be able to host such events again.

This is already starting to destroy what we have on our server. Fix it. And be quick about it.
Just wanted to pitch in a little and say the issue definitely needs to be resolved.

To put it simply, it seems that there are multiple phases with different players in them in the same location. One group of players will be in one CRZ while a whole other group will be in a different one, while both groups are in the same location in-game.

07/20/2016 09:39 PMPosted by Osethme
the Blue Recluse interior having one CRZ, and when you walk outside, it's a different one (tried that too - two of us walked out together, and disappeared to each other, encountering a completely different group on the outside).
I'm posting to give a view from a small server - I was surprised and excited to find I could see people from outside the Veco-Lighteninghoof-Maelstrom cluster, since even merged it's still small, and RP (at least ally side) -is- dead. Most of the people I was seeing were from Emerald Dream with the asterisk next to their name, so knew it had to be CRZ happening in Stormwind.

After the initial shock wore off, I noted that pretty much all of the people I was seeing were from ED, and there were no other Veco people, and only a handful if that of Maelstrom-Lighteninghoof in SW. I know ED is the most populus RP-PVP server out of the US realms, but the amount of people I was seeing was possibly below what I would normally see previous to the patch in SW, when it was just my server cluster. And from the sounds of it when I talked to the ED people, this was far below normal for their SW.

Talking with a friend from WRA, he was telling me about how SW was practically empty and how it was splitting up people from the same realm into different 'instances,' regardless of if they were in the same guild or not. I am really, really hoping this is a bug, because RP is the only reason I still play. While I would enjoy the smaller servers able to CRZ for more community and RP opportunity, doing so at the expense of the larger, stable RP communities is not acceptable.

At least give us some feedback on how this will be resolved.
Earlier I joined a group to try to phase in with my friends and it kept me locked in my own little phase with only two people on the server. I tried to go to UC and return to Silvermoon but everything broke and it crashed. When I returned to log in after restarting it said that there was already a character with that name. I went on an alt and waited 10 mins. Thankfully the alt was already on my friends phase. When I was able to log back into bel, she was back in Silvermoon but it allowed me to see my group and join their phase this time.
What happened to them just basically merging dead servers and getting rid of one all together and justm oving the players? That is much more acceptable than this. This phasing thing pretty much ruins any chance of real rp, and if it is not fixed sadly a lot of people will probably quit.
Even the NPC's are phased. The group of mage women that walk to the Tower and back fade in and out of different phases from each other as they go. There are multiple phases in even small areas.
This is an utterly terrible thing that's happening, as I saw first hand.

Silvermoon earlier tonight stuck myself, my guild leader, and another guild member in three different phases, even though we were communicating and roleplaying just fine moments before. It wasn't even particularly high population, either, considering this happened at midnight server time.

Fact: In order to roleplay, we need to be able to consistently communicate with other players randomly to make connections.

The Issue:

People from our own server are being arbitrarily phased out so that we cannot see them anymore. While yes, this does help with congestion, major cities and especially places such as Silvermoon have no major questing importance and therefore do not need congestion control.

In fact, it actively hurts us by preventing us from walking up and making connections. It fragments the community, making it difficult to RP even among ourselves, let alone meet new people. Some of the most meaningful roleplays I've ever had have come about as a result of someone randomly walking up and trying to pet my hunter's pet. This new phasing issue completely dismantles that.

My guild can easily get over 40 people at an event. Even with a raid group, we would still be fractured and it would be impossible for us to have fun, let alone server events that can number in the hundreds of attendees. And that's assuming that grouping up goes perfectly and circumvents the micro-phasing, because sometimes it does not. It seems to be a grab bag on whether it will succeed or not.

Seeing people from other servers is not the problem. That's FINE. What is the problem is not being able to see a significant amount of people from our own server, which fractures the community.

The Solution:

Exempt roleplay servers from micro-phasing in all capital cities.
07/19/2016 01:30 PMPosted by Ràger
i don't like rpers from wyrmrest. If I did I would be on that server. I don't want to rp with people from that server. So get them out of my city. NOW

And we dont like or want your ERP filth in our space. Hope you enjoy the time you spend getting railed by space goats and wolves. Please keep that !@#$ away, thanks.
07/21/2016 01:11 AMPosted by Vultraz
07/19/2016 01:30 PMPosted by Ràger
i don't like rpers from wyrmrest. If I did I would be on that server. I don't want to rp with people from that server. So get them out of my city. NOW

And we dont like or want your ERP filth in our space. Hope you enjoy the time you spend getting railed by space goats and wolves. Please keep that !@#$ away, thanks.

You're both idiots. Once you get the idiotic biases out of your system, both realms are -mostly- the same. MG is a little more risque in public chat but overall its nothing bad like Goldshire.

More importantly: This is an issue that threatens to destroy random walkup RP on BOTH realms, as the real issue isn't seeing people from another realm - its that it literally splits people on the SAME realm into different shards where they can no longer interact, leading to a FULL realm having maybe 1 or 2 people in what used to be an active RP hub.
Alright. Blues, QA People, this is a legitimate issue.


One moment, I am sitting in a literal dead Moon Guard Stormwind, completely phased from everyone else, every, other, realm RP wise within Stormwind City. Even within a Party, I can still get dragged into a Stormwind via Phasing/CRZ, or whatever this issue is that completely screws over RP. (And this is -while- the LEADER of said party, is from Moon Guard)

You have people from MG harassing people from WrA telling them to go to GS and vise versa. People even from the less populated RP servers such as Araku, have stated that this is not really a good thing! For fel sake; you have people in /s and /y talking, yelling, trolling, harassing other roleplayers from other realms! This isn't what the game was designed for, nor was it intended to be.

I came to MG from your RP forum aka World's End Tavern. I've been on MG two years, and never in those two years. NEVER, have I seen so such toxicity IN STORMWIND. Yea, you got the trolls but; by the light! Do something about this. Please. I am literally begging you. I have to join a party just to phase into the "CRZ/Phased City" to join a party with a friend that I've RP'd with in Stormwind!

For the first time, in two days. I was actually able to run into people who were literally phased into a literal, empty Stormwind City. I made one friend, out of sure R N G chance found one more and two other people who saw us and walked up! We even RP'd canonly stating that everyone's "disappearance" was because; of the Doomsayers that are thrown about the City. It was a fun RP to say the least.

We miss RPing with our friends, our guildies... The people who we have grown to know and love.

Please, Quality Assurance, A Blue from General Discussion... Someone...

Hear our pleas. Update us on the situation.
I approve. Fix soon, please!
Please Blizzard I have met so many wonderful people on Moonguard and though I do not RP myself I know the pain they must be feeling right now and I have had friends approach me bumbed at this whole thing I understand what you are trying to do but it is ruining what a lot of happiness for my friends I have been so grateful to get to know this past year or two they would appreciate anything you can offer especially so close to an Expansion drop please reconsider and thank you for reading this.
I knew when CRZ was first implemented it would chip away at the massively multiplayer experience.
I guess that's actually happening, so many hated CRZ when it was first implemented too.

CRZ and related instancing feature has been a huge waste of development time bringing no net benefit to WoW.
07/19/2016 03:24 PMPosted by Ràger
07/19/2016 03:23 PMPosted by Zorbrix

Sorry, to clarify what you're reporting, what specifically are you seeing? Both in major cities and out in the world. Too many players, not enough players? Players from non-RP realms, or just players from not your realm?

We see other servers in our cities. City is a big part of role players way. People from Moonguard don't rp the same as people from wyrmrest. So you just mix a bunch of rpers up in the cities and hope for the best, when servers have their own style and community they like to be with.

Now don't get me wrong. If this change is normal. We will adjust. Just it came as huge system shock to us.

This right here! I reaaaallly hope this isn't a perm change though :(
Tonight I had a GM tell me that nothing has changed with the phasing in 7.0 :^)
I just hope they talk to us later today, We could really use a update. I still think blizzard has no idea how big of a issue it is to us rpers
07/21/2016 02:04 AMPosted by Syfadious
Tonight I had a GM tell me that nothing has changed with the phasing in 7.0 :^)

I'm hoping this means that it is a bug then and will be fixed at the maintenance...

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