Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale
Used to be in Crystal Order, Tranquility, and To Be Determined under the name Geostigma. WIll be coming back with Svetlanna soon.
Blure, Rafa, hello old friends
Doubtful anybody in this thread would remember me. Started playing in early 2006 but didn't hit 60 during Vanilla. Raided with <l o l> in BC on this toon. Switched to my pally and shaman as my mains in WotLK. Quit shortly after Cata dropped and came back about 2 months ago. Mainly play on my shaman (Diodoros) and paladin (Theophylakto) these days.
Hi friends!

Some time around when our aq doors even was going on

Was part of supreme council
Gift of Darkness
Winters End
Shadowrip- Undead Rogue. I was in a few memorable guilds (<The End> <Sedition> <Champions of Horde> <Evolved> <tys>.)

There are too many names to list from back then that I enjoyed playing with, there was my buddy Darthryota (Undead Warrior) he was in<In Queue> for the longest time. I remember Ripalli and Shadyblade, Qik, Quartz, Harrow, Diplo, Heartseeker, Arzak, Leader, Juggalo.. etc.

I even remember some of the harder Alliance pvpers like, Riggs (my friend Darthryota was in a pvp video that Riggs had posted online lol), Juece and Gundita, Valmyr, Nomak, Bucky, Brutalis, Illidas, Brick, and that one super annoying gnome mage from <Addiction> to name a few..

Good times.
Glad to see so many old names! has anyone seen Wowerz, monoko, Zugger, Jaut, Jerrica. ect.
Need a Vanilla Spirestoners Classic Community Group with this new 8.0 feature
Debating on coming back to Spirestone once I have more time to actively play, and flipping back Horde side. Played Vanilla all the way through to the middle of LK on Spirestone Horde. Raided with Desecration back then too under my warlock Shutdown primarily, and also my paladin Conviction at the time. I remember getting trucked by Nomak on several occassions lol.
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I remember getting trucked by Nomak on several occassions lol.

Hi friend!
So many good memories back then. Not the game, but the community. Even pvp was forever changed for me when they started cross server bgs at the end of vanilla.

There was something about fighting people on your own server that you would bump into out in the world, waiting for raids to start, etc.
Been On and off under many names... Zynyx, Saigo, Masaka... kottonmouth. Make Vod play rogue again.
Was with Generol's guild (was it legacy?) until AQ when it dissolved. Then joined up with |Team Venture| until WOTLK. Quit for a while but now back at it. Started as a "ninja looting" hunter Yettieman.
Anyone know what ever happened to Riney and the clan from Reckoning / Minions of Mithras?
Raided MC/BWL with Malicious/Eminence(I believe that was what we were called) on my original account. Addiction(Alliance) had server first Ragnaros kill and we had server 2nd, Horde 1st.

Beas - Undead Mage
Anyone still around from | Sedition |?
Back in Vanilla i was in Kul'Tiras, or at least the character my uncle let me play on was.
*sees Nomak* /bow
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*sees Nomak* /bow

Hi friend.
Glad to see some old school dudes still throwin down.


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