[H] Conviction (4/8M - 2 day) LF DPS

Guild Recruitment
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We are <Conviction> of Bleeding Hollow, a former semi-hardcore raiding guild that was formed at the beginning of WotLK. We have established ourselves as one of the top guilds on our original server, as well as on Bleeding Hollow. We are currently in the midst of transitioning into BfA and are looking for additional reliable players who can handle the potential stress of progression raids.

**Note: We are only considering highly exceptional applicants, even if listed as closed below **

Currently Recruiting:

    Mages - Open
    Priests - Open for Shadow
    Warriors - Open for DD
    Warlocks - Open
    Shaman - Closed
    Paladin - Closed
    Hunter - Open
    Rogue - Open
    Druid - Closed
    Death Knight - Closed
    Demon Hunter - Closed
    Monk - Open for WW

Note: We will consider all exceptional applicants for any class.

We are currently looking to fill our roster with dedicated, patient and loyal players who strive to progress.

General Raid Schedule:

Tuesday - 7:30pm-10:30pm CST
Sunday - 6:30pm-10:30pm CST

Current and Past Progression:

    Normal: 8/8
    Heroic: 8/8
    Mythic: 4/8

    Normal: 11/11
    Heroic: 11/11
    Mythic: 10/11

Tomb of Sargeras
    Normal: 9/9
    Heroic: 9/9
    Mythic: 7/9


We expect and encourage our raiders to strive for 100% attendance. Consistent tardiness or absences will likely result in a demotion from a raider status, meaning less access to raid consumables, guild repairs, mats, loot, as well as losing your position in our roster.

Additional Information

We feel that this is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in being a part of our guild, as we are a very tight knit group of friends. If you are an individual who would be passionate about watching our guild grow and progress through content, please take the time to read over our guild website and contact us for a Discord interview.


Contact: Teeze#1321 // Badlock#1975 // Dknoob#1522
Still recruiting for Legion!
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I do not condone selfishly bumping threads.

Let's start a story time then.

Once upon a time...
...There was this post on the GR forums.
Check us out!
Still recruiting!
Still recruiting, amigos!
Getting close to our roster cap for Legion! Few positions open!
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Have very limited positions left open.
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We are still recruiting, but have very limited positions available!
Only accepting exceptional applicants.
Currently recruiting ONE healer - Restoration Shaman or Holy Priest!
Still recruiting healers! Come join an awesome group of players!
Just went 5/7M tonight! Woot woot!

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