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Welcome to the Legion Pre-expansion Patch 7.0.3!

We have various blogs and videos available to update you on the next content available and upcoming for this patch on our way to Legion's launch.
Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide video

We have some new content & features with this patch:
Preview: Demon Invasions
Warlords Season 3 PvP Ends
Preview: Wardrobe Updates

Along with the Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Notes that cover many of the changes this patch brings.

You can review the entire blog here:Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Now Live!.

As with any major patch it is important to make sure that if you use addons that they have been updated. It may be a good idea to reset your UI to default to make sure that the old files aren't causing any issues.

Resetting your User Interface
Here are some of the hot topics right now:

  • Demon Hunter not available: The early access to Demon Hunters has not yet started. While we do not have an exact date yet, players who pre-purchase Legion can expect to be playing a Demon Hunter around the second or third week of August (no later than August 17 globally).

  • Questions or Bugs Regarding Transmogrification: Players are exploring the new Transmogrification system and are identifying potential bugs. A list of what should qualify items for your Appearance Collection and where to report bugs can be found in this forum thread.

  • Cross-Realm Zoning and Capitol Cities: We are currently utilizing Cross-Realm Zone technology to control populations in capitol cities, which has caused concerns from some players and RP communities. Our Development team is aware and have provided an update on the situation in this forum post.
The Bug Report forum maintains a list of known issues which you can find there.

7.0.3 Known Issues

Breaking News: World of Warcraft Patch 7.0 – Common Issues

Patch Hotfixes: July 21

Additional Known issues:

  • Missing Transports: Some realms are reporting missing boats and zeppelins.

  • Mists of Pandria Collector's Edition Feat of Strength improperly displaying for players: Some players are incorrectly seeing the achievement for the Mists of Pandaria Collector's Edition.

  • Cold Weather Flying Missing: Some players have found that Cold Weather Flying is missing from their Spellbook even though they've previously learned it.
    Update: Players who are missing spells are able to repurchase them. A Game Master may be able to assist, but with current wait times it's recommended to repurchase spells.

  • Unable to see Damage/Healing with Floating Combat Text We're aware of an issue where damage numbers are not showing in Floating Combat Text while the feature is enabled, even after resetting the User Interface.

  • Unable to turn in "A Burning Path Through Time" Players who have met all criteria of "A Burning Path Through Time" may be unable to turn in the quest. Players may need to contact support for assistance in completing this quest, but only once the quest criteria have been met.

  • TCG Codes/Landro Longshot Landro is currently refusing to accept TCG codes. We are in negotiations with him and hope to have a positive outcome soon.

7/19 10:15 PM PDT: Log in issues: Issues with logging into the game and switching between characters/realms should be resolved. If you continue to experience an issue logging in or are experience disconnections please post in the Tech Support forums with details.

7/20: 1:30 PM PDT: Level 90 Boost disappeared: Those who had level 90 boost tokens still available should see them back on their account once more.

Note: If you tried using the level 90 token and it did not apply the boost after logging into the character please submit a ticket (under problem with purchase). A Game Master should be able to help.

7/22: 2:00 PM PDT:
Items are appearing with the wrong name in tooltips This issue has been hotfixed and should no longer be occurring.
Endgame (Starting Worgen quest) This issue has been hotfixed and should no longer be occurring.
The Molten Front: These issues have been hotfixed and should no longer be occuring.
Lord Maxwell Tyrosus is Missing: Lord Maxwell has returned to his post, and should no longer be missing.
Malfurion Missing from Moonglade: Malfurion has returned and should no longer be missing when attempting to turn in the quest.

7/26: 1:45 PM PDT:
WoW Token: We are currently aware of various issues with redeeming the WoW Token and hope to have the issue resolved as quickly as we can. Original thread can be found here.
Mining and Herbalism nodes providing few herbs/ore Players mining or collecting herbs at skill level 700 in Draenor are not receiving the correct number of items.

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