Is the new mage hard to play?

And yes, I'm referring to all specs
I've played with fire and with arcane so far. I raided with fire up till Warlords and then raided Arcane in Warlords. Right now I'm finding Arcane tough to get a feel for because of mana management. It definitely is different then it was prior to 7.0. There may be a way to generate great dps, but I haven't found it yet. Fire seems pretty straight forward - working towards pyro proc strings to build big dots. Very similar to fire 5.0 but without the ability to spread the dots (that now happens automatically). However, this could change quite a bit once we get to level 110 and play with all the tools. Nil..
I'm adjusting to Frost and while the damage output isn't as great as fire, it's still not bad. I didn't find it hard at all.

Arcane is irritating because you run out of mana before Evocation is off cooldown.

Fire I wasn't a fan of. Since I was Frost through Warlords, I don't have insane amounts of crit so it's actually a lot weaker for me than Frost is. :P Keep in mind I had a mythic raider assist me and make sure I was doing things right before I made this assessment. So despite what some people seem to think, you DO still need Crit in order for Fire to be worth it. And honestly the only people I see do well as fire have mythic gear of some kind, something not everybody has.

Conclusion; Mages are not hard to play. You just have to know what you plan to do with it and choose. talents accordingly. OH and keep in mind we don't have our artifact weapons yet. You should be asking this question again once everybody is 110 with their weapons. xD
Any more thoughts?
Arcane is easy as hell. Honestly nothing to it, super straight forward.
My item level on this alt was perfect for the timewalking gear - and today both last week's and this week's vendors were around...
- That gear is great for Fire.

So I've gotten some pretty impressive results out of a few Timewalking dungeons and one hit of LFR.

I'm finding Arcane really tricky and hard to proc anything, but Fire really smooth and easy to get things going on.

I've not tried Frost. I didn't care for the feel of it in the past but I'll have to look at it eventually since everything's different now.

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