Menegerie daily account wide?

Pet Battles
Horray for silent nerfs.

-No more bags from draenor pet masters, perhaps no more from pandaria and below too
-Water elemenal spirit and howl nerf, im glad that i could adapt to that change
-And now the weekly menangiere nerf daily

Blizz you took the only fun i had after the prepatch, tyvm.
The menagerie is so bad/bugged now I reckon someone's kid dropped the code pages in the shredder, and then stuck them back together with sticky tape.

Oh for real programmers on the team instead of players who'll code cheaply because they love the game and 3rd world kids who take in the outsourcing.
Just based on everything else happening this prepatch I think it's 100% intended.

Is this a totally forgotten forum? I see nothing here no responses, no solutions, no acknowledgements by anyone but us, the players! I hate to say it but I almost long for the old days and the canned Ït is your fault" blue response, at least it would feel as if someone noticed these reports.
Pet battle dailies have been broken for me since patch day. All the bugs posted and thus far ignored have been present on my toons.

Initiating pet battles - randomly broken
Seeing dailies - consistently broken
Turning in dailies - broken and now fixed for the single toon from each faction permitted a quest.
Just tried it when dailies reset and accepted quest on my shaman logged out logged in my warrior and he has the quest in his log also so yeah it's account wide now one time a day. Nice stealth nerf Blizzard.
I hope whoever is supposed to be monitoring this pet battle forum doesn't get paid. They are doing a terrible job. There have not been any responses to posts for months, aside to comment on changes that Blizz clearly posted in the patch notes (like Howl bomb nerf). If you are not assisting the community by addressing concerns and disseminating information then what good are you? Has anyone checked the bug hotfix notes? There may be some information there regarding this.


Nothing in the hotfix notes. They are not acknowledging there is a problem, nor are they giving any indication they are working on it.
07/24/2016 08:23 AMPosted by Unídus
Just tried it when dailies reset and accepted quest on my shaman logged out logged in my warrior and he has the quest in his log also so yeah it's account wide now one time a day. Nice stealth nerf Blizzard.

I went further and noticed a really interesting bug which no blizz employees will (judging from the blue action in this forum) never know about.
I logged on each of my toons at reset. 7 horde 100s and 2 alliance 100s. Noted that each was offered the daily.
I then accepted the daily on one of my horde toons.
I did not do it I just accepted it.
Logged back into my toons alliance and horde and noted that EACH had the quest in her log.
I then completed the daily quest.
Logged back in to each of my toons and noted the quest had disappeared.

Ninja nerf proven. Question though, if you can only do pet battle dailies on a single toon every day why on earth do all our toons have a menagerie? Makes very little sense.

Now the buggy part.
I then logged into a random toon saw the mob Kura Thunderhoof offering a quest. I accepted knowing it would appear on each of my toons. However, out of curiousity I logged out without doing it. I checked the next horde toon. Yep there was Kura.
I logged back into the toon that noticed Kura and went about my daily gathering. While standing in my trading post I received the notice that I had just defeated Kura in battle LOL.
I did no such thing.
Ok, I run over and yes there is yellow quest complete question mark.
I do not turn in, I go to another toon find Kura in the menagerie with a yellow ? over her head. I turn it in on this second toon.
Oh well it was an easy pet battle I never had to even do.
I may have discovered a clue, and I think the problem is that some characters Garrisons are not refreshing daily. Today I've noticed that 10 of my 11 characters on Aerie Peak had the Trading Post NPC is selling ALL resources for 24 Garrison Resources AND those characters should not take the daily pet battle. However, on one of my characters her Trading Post was selling Sumptuous Fur for only 20 resources, other resources were between 16 and 40 AND she is being offered the daily pet battle.

My hypothesis is that it is a bug, and part of the problem is that what ever drives the daily NPC's (trading post & quest givers) is broken.

Edit: I think part of the problem is they have seemed to totally abandon Garrions. I was in early beta and was surprised that they didn't automatically give us level 3 Garrisons with out level 100 characters, and I had to start from scratch doing pet battles because all they gave me was two level 1 pets. I would have loved to have been able to test pet battle changes in depth but every time I asked about it I either got silence or was told they didn't want us to test that (told by other players, not Blizzard because nobody from Blizzard ever responded).

If this "pre-patch" is any indication of their dedication to quality, then I pity the people who buy the expansion.
Catelin I will check on that tomorrow, not that I am feeling hopeful that they plan to fix anything in Draenor or possibly in legion. Sadly I bought the expansion and am regretting it even before release.
Maybe just wishful thinking but sure seems more like a bug than a permanent nerf.

Yesterday out of sheer frustration kept checking menagerie daily on my alts. About the 14th was given the quest again, was able to complete it and turn it in. Kept trying, a few toons later found one that already had the quest in his quest log. He was also able to complete and turn in.

Further evidence that menagerie is glitched, have so far gotten and turned in the weekly 4 times on various toons.
This was pointed out to me on Twitter, Blue post on the German Bnet forums (posted July 23) confirming that the Menagerie daily is intended to be account-wide as of 7.0.3.

Google translate:

That seems to be currently on the state of affairs . This daily quest is now far account and can be done only on a character , therefore : Unfortunately Absammeln no pet brands .

I can certainly understand that this response is not necessarily desired . Should there be need for discussion on this change , this carries me in the General Forum as a potential discussion there learns a little more attention and is seen by more players.
If this is supposed to be a change for Legion, I think it is a tad harsh for those of us who have many alts.

They have reduced the rewards, which is fine. But those of us who have a lot of alts, spent a lot of gold to acquire level 3 menageries. Seems quite a shame to have this taken away.
This morning I had Squirt as my pet battle in my garrison..I did it twice...turned it in and now it's turned into Rukus/Brutus. Anyone else had this happen?
I love how they are nerfing and breaking everything related to draenor in an attempt to make us forget it exists and not go back

But really guys maybe you should wait until your bored annoyed fanbase who has literally barely anything to do has something to do before you start breaking what pitiful content there is to enjoy

I thought I'd at least get to go do invasion stuff...guess not. LOL I just stand around my garrison with nothing to do because missions aren't even worth doing anymore.
So, if intended, this means there is no longer any reason that to have 12 toons on Lv3 pet menageries.
"Thanks" if that is so Blizzard.

If it is bugged well, please look into it asap for those of us saving up pet charms for the legion vendor.
I really don't understand the need to ruin content after the expac. WoD was terrible, but there were good aspects to it, one being the improved pet perks and pet leveling in the menagerie. Cutting out the only decent thing left in the garrisons seems a final killing blow. Frankly, at this point, I would like to use the 30,000 barrels of oil I have left in my shipyard to blow a smoking crater in Shadowmoon Valley, and forget there ever was a WoD expansion.
Wow, many thanks to those who've done the research! Now for the information....

Blizzard, that's completely dishonest to remove content like that! Shame on you. Really, you should hang you heads low for such deceit.

First you nerf the pet charms, at which rate will take 250 days to reach the 1k needed for the nifty new toy we are all looking forward to.

Then you make the damn daily account wide? WHY??? It only give a freakin 4 pet charms!!! You make me so damn angry. WOD sucked as it was! You further remove the only content left that was keeping me logging in on a daily basis. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

I apologies to any forum goers who I might offend by this reaction. I do not apologize to any Blizzard devs, you guys deserve my disgust.
I submitted a ticket and have just received a reply:

Blizz Altreaux
Hi there Carol :D

I'm Game Master Altreaux, and I hope that this message finds you doing well!

After a bit of digging, it appears that this may have been an intended change - battle pet daily quests are account wide, since the battle pet collection is also account wide.

If you feel that this update was unwarranted then your best course of action will be to let our developers know. You can send them your feedback in-game (by clicking Submit Suggestion in the same window you used to open this ticket) or by posting on our forums at

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to hit us up - we'll be happy to assist :D

Of course I can't verify whether this GM really knows what he's talking about or if he's just making an assumption, but I can verify that Blizzard's attitude at the moment to pet battling just makes me sick.
Yeah that cracks me up since the pet battle system has always been account wide. Yet the dailies took years to become account wide? Stupidity at its best.

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