Selling the kill for the Alani mount

I'm not sure if this kind of post is allowed in this forum, if it's not I apologize, not 100% sure where the best place to post. As the title says I'm selling the kill to get the Alani mount. I'm selling the kill for this mount at 175k gold but I'm willing to listen to offers around that amount. With Potions of Luck out of the game now, farming the skyshards isn't as lucrative as it was. Which means people aren't going to be farming them as mich. My battle tag is krose338#1752 and I am on the Twisting Nether (Alliance) server. If anyone is interested feel free to message me on here or send me a friend request on
Why on earth are people down voting this?
they are jealous? I would buy it, but I'm too darn cheap.
People are down voting this because they don't understand simple economics. With the Potions of Luck out of the game it means the farming of the Skyshards yields less mats to sell and raw gold. Which in turn leads to not as many people farming for the skyshards (again because it's not as lucrative). Less people supplying the kill for this mount means the price is going to be higher. Not very difficult to understand. I said I'd be willing to work on the price, doesn't seem like anyone bothered to read that part.
Tempting outside of the need to transfer gold. I might just take you up on this next week if nobody has yet, though.
Yeah definitely let me know if you're still interested. My times online in-game can vary from week to week.
When you sell it, test out personal loot please? There's a rumor going around that Alani may be lootable by mujltiple people at once!
Personal Loot is confirmed to work.
I can confirm that myself and three other guildies just looted the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent while we were in a party with someone who summoned Alani. We all had to tap before the kill and all five of us (including the summoner who already owned one) looted our own mounts. Just make sure loot is set to personal. :)

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