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Wyrmrest Accord
The winds whisper across landscapes of Azeroth, from Mulgore to Stranglethorn. They carry a gentle song in their wake. As you walk, the sound of bells and a soft rumble rises to mingle with the song...

"...And so we end our long days run,

Mu'sha lighting the world we call home.

We lift our songs upon the winds,

Calling the lost and weary and lonely.

Come to our fires,

Sing us your tales!

For you are now home,

Among the Herd."

Something comes...

You look to the horizon and see a mass begin to take shape. A decent sized gathering of all races moves towards you at a great pace. Some are mounted on the backs of great Kodos, while others run. Children leap around the Kodo waving brightly colored pennants bearing a soaring bird against a blue field.

As they approach, the group slows and finally comes to a stop before you. A pale female clad in blue slips away from the gathering and walks to you, bells on her bird shaped staff jingling. Her headdress, the skull of a great bird, is adorned with feathers, and glass beads and bells are woven into her mane. She smiles gently at you and extends her hand.

"So Wanderer... You have heard our song, yes? Tell me, are you ready to come home?"


Hello all! After a yearlong hiatus, the Windsong are returning and we're looking to bring you all fun events and a friendly environment!

Who We Are:

Our RP is based on semi-long story archs that can lie on a foundation of current events in World of Warcraft, past threats making a return or a new conflict, event or idea in its own originality. And with the Legion knocking at Azeroth's door once again, you can expect our Windsong Herd to be reacting in song and support to all. Which is not to say we will be simple bards on the sides watching war wage ever on. Some of us put ourselves in the lines to keep our people safe.

Outside of RP we have plans for casual raiding, one to two nights a week at most probably. This is still being further discussed. Out-of-date content is a forte of ours as well, and we are always willing and pleased to help you get that dang transmog set you've always been dying for.

What We Expect:

Some of our members hold a long past in roleplay, but by no means do we expect you to be a master of roleplay, or even World of Warcraft. What we expect is a fun, carefree and safe environment and atmosphere. We're a community of friends first and foremost, so the most we expect are smiles and funtimes! We do expect a bit of grammatical knowhow, though no one is perfect. Perfect words and attendance are not quite expected, and if one is ever uncomfortable or uncertain with their style of roleplay or gameplay, we are happy to be patient and offer help. Zero drama is something we have stood by for a long time, and we still do to this day. If any problems or drama rise, we try to resolve these little conflicts and help others move on to find better days ahead. And lastly, real life does always come first. We understand some people won't be able to make all of the events on the calendar, and that's fine. Just toss a heads up in advance and we'll make note!

What You Should Expect

Expect a fun and friendly bunch! We like to have fun, both IC and OOC. We are listed as an 18+ guild, if only for some of the jokes that may arise in OOC chat. You as a player are important to us, and we want to get to know you for more than your character! First and foremost, we are a community, centered around YOU. Expect invites to other games we may be playing as a group and shenanigans all around! We will conduct an IC interview of sorts, if not a small story just to hop you into the guild.

Contact myself, Eiahakuija, or Annasami in game or feel free to post any questions you have here!
Lots of love from Wolfmane to Windsong. <3
Lots of love from Whitehorn to Windsong. <3
<3 Lots of love to you both!
The dark furred female swiveled her ears to the sounds of song and messages on the wind. The whispers danced around her and she closed her eyes to pin point a particular voice, or perhaps a specific name or phrase. Finally, she fluttered eyes open and pointed to the northwest. "There... Our family calls, and we must answer them."

(( Bump bumps from the Shadowhoof to the Windsong! We love you fam! ))
Yeah okay.
We're still recruiting! We're looking for dedicated members with plenty of story ideas, especially ramping up into legion!

The slight Shu'halo dances with a much taller woman around a camp fire as she tells her tale. "And then Bahan spun the girl around and tossed her into the air! He almost didn't catch her as she came back down though, and she singed her tail! And that is why we call Greatmother Lukamah 'Soottail'!" She chuckles haughtily and winks.

Normally I'd do a silly little RP excerpt but I'm gonna talk about some of my other favorite games! My top three right now are, aside from WoW, Overwatch, Rimworld and The Forest! We all know about Overwatch. Rimworld is a pretty neat 2D Dwarf Fortress sandbox game where you make a colony of sci-fi survivors and build them up and try to survive! Speaking of survival, The Forest is definitely one of the creepiest and most fun games I've played with friends. You crash land on an island full of cannibals who kidnap your son! The game includes hunting for food, chopping trees to build a base and defenses, and some intense cave diving. Full of mysteries, too! Rimworld and The Forest are still alpha / early access, but definitely worth taking some looks at.
We're still here and recruiting! Give us a whisper in game! Looking for active, commited members with a passion for making and attending events. We're here to help you with your storylines! Run with the Herd!
The Windsong is always looking for mature and dedicated roleplayers. Be you a Shu'halo, or a Panda, we welcome one and all.
Windsong is love.
*Sees the moos*

*reads 'all races' in the blurb*

*Gets very excited*

Nice to see some more Tauren-led Guilds running around our server again!
11/06/2016 04:22 AMPosted by Mato
Windsong is love.

Windsong is life.

11/06/2016 06:20 AMPosted by Gentarn
*Sees the moos*

*reads 'all races' in the blurb*

*Gets very excited*

Nice to see some more Tauren-led Guilds running around our server again!

Believe me we're happy to be hosting one! Poke us in game if you see us, we're happy to make shenanigans happen with anyone.

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