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So I wanted to run a script, and needed to enable custom scripts. Afterwards, I wanted to disable custom scripts again.

Couldn't find a UI option (though I've been known to be blind). Also couldn't find a /script to, ironically, disable custom scripts, though I don't know how to hunt for such a script.

What I did find was WTF/Account/<account_name>/

Within this file I found a line like:
SET AllowDangerousScripts "1"

Changing that "1" to a "0", and restarting wow seemed to enable the protection again.
I was just trying to figure this out.. glad I found this post.. (Edited cause I figured out what happened, thanks for the help on getting the custom scripts disabled!)
Another thank you for OP. Why is this not a toggle somewhere? It automatically prompts you to enable with a warning but after that you are stuck without changing the .wtf file.
I put in a ticket, looking for a way to re-enable this safety net without editing the WTF folder, and a GM response informed me that /console AllowDangerousScripts "0" in in-game chat will serve the same purpose.
Good call OP. Googled and found your answer. Pretty mind-boggling that this is still an issue at this point in WoW's history.
I think you can also delete the line. I noticed that I didn't even have the following line:

SET AllowDangerousScripts "1"

listed in my file until I exited out of WoW. Just FYI.
You realize that all SET AllowDangerousScripts does is toggle the warning on or off whenver entring custom scripts, macro or lua code. You are at no more protection from doing something stupid with or without it on. A lot of people have the thought process that they can't be targeted by malicious scripts if this is turned on and that is false. This does not control any sort of protection, it literally, only controls wether or not you receive the message when YOU the user inputs a custom command. If you don't know you are inputting a custom command into WoW then you have no business bein in the CVAR to begin. You still have all the same chance / lack of chance to be targeted / not targeted by a malicious script with or without this enabled.

And to be honest... if I were someone trying to use malicous scripts to do some sort of evil thing, and had the knowledge of how to do this, I'm pretty sure I would also have the knowledge of how to circumvent this warning and do whatever I wanted regardless of your toggled CVAR.

Don't get me wrong. Be cautious at all times. Protect your account. Don't run weakauras / custom scripts from people you don't know, watch what you do on the internet... and other general rules are stil VERY important. Just please don't have the illusion that if you toggle this setting on your can go about WoW without care and immune to potential attacks.

5. Scripting - What is possible in a macro?

Scripting is an advanced feature sometimes used in macros. Be aware that scripting can't be used to cast a spell, use an item, or take any other "secure" action. Secure actions are those things which are reserved for the Blizzard UI, and are not available to addons.

Essentially, if you use a script in a macro, you are using a micro-addon. It has all the abilities and limitations of a normal addon, but restricted to a 255 character limit. Useful examples are announcing cooldown or crowd control targets in a raid environment, calcuiating variables and returning the result (ie How many glyphs do I have left to learn?), or making non-protected spell casts (ie determining which mount to use based on what zone you are in).

There are far more possibilities available with scripting than I could possibly describe here, so if you have specific questions or a script you want to share, feel free to mention it here or post a new thread.

7.0 update:
As a result of some scammers passing off malicious scripts as legitimate, Blizzard has implemented a Lua script warning anytime you run a macro with the "/script" or "/run" commands. You get this same warning if you type a script directly in the chat window without a macro.

The warning is essentially telling players to be careful of running custom scripts they get on the internet or from other players, that they should not run any scripts they do not trust.

This warning is for player protection only, and does not reflect a policy change.
Which you can read more upon here:

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