You Are Playing A Tauren Wrong

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07/28/2016 01:50 PMPosted by Robotronic
07/28/2016 01:36 PMPosted by Berahalna
... No they aren't?

I wonder how it feels to be objectively wrong.
How can you like something so disgusting?

You do realize we can say the same about anything you enjoy, right?

As the other female Tauren said: how does it feel to be objectively wrong?
I agree with OP
I am not a cow. I am a bull.
There are only so many cow puns.
What a great cowlection of comments!
07/28/2016 02:23 PMPosted by Panzermeyer
There are only so many cow puns.

That's pre-pasture-us.
Buttscythe doesn't even play tauren.
07/28/2016 01:06 PMPosted by Frostscythe
If you have no cow pun in your name.

You are playing an Elf wrong, if you named it Frostscythe.
Does this count?
07/28/2016 01:20 PMPosted by Irepaw
I once asked a Tauren "Where's the beef?". I didn't expect what would happen next.


07/28/2016 02:25 PMPosted by Adelphie
Buttscythe doesn't even play tauren.

Blood Elves don't have butts.
Am I doing it right?
Does this one work?
Although you can be subtle about it.
Do you want to drink demon blood
The question is, why don't Draenei use goat puns?

Bleats me.
This is a kind of a cow pun, just not a very good one.

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