[A LFRP Thread] The Shadowhoof Tribe

Wyrmrest Accord
The old crone set her staff heavily into the ground and looked off towards the plains of Mulgore with a sigh. Turning to her mate, Kjorn Blackhide, she offered a rare and soft smile. The journey had been long. Everything she had done was in the name of her people, and yet in their darkest hour she had left them. Lost to the world, and forgotten by all but a few, she reached out in the only way she knew how. Silent calls, messages, that would be picked up by the rare Windsong and Shadowhoof who still listened to the winds.

Whispers, well-kept secrets, that hissed in the ears of a few that would silently shift back to the shadows from where they came. A group of dark-pelted Shu'halo who had always straddled the line between good and evil were once more banding together for an unknown purpose. Their numbers were drastically reduced from time, forgotten rites of passage, and wandering. The remnants of the tribe gathered once more at their sacred place of power. Deep in Feralas, near the great hippogryph clutches within the Ruins of Isildien they would pledge a new vision and follow a new path.

The old Matriarch, Kurshaw Shadowhoof, will stand before the great Hippogryph totem. She had been brought back from the brink of corruption by friend and sister Chieftess Azriell Feathermane, through tenacity of heart and powerful will. A pact will be formed once more as the Matriarch pledges to lead her people towards their destiny. With the help of new and old totems, the Shadowhoof will band together once more. No longer bound by a single home, they seek to travel far and wide with a single purpose on a unified front under Coyote, Wyvern, Chimaera, and Cloud Serpent.

No more running. No more hiding...


Hi everyone! Long time WoW yo-yo player. (Legion just looks too good to pass up!) I'm back and ready to enjoy roleplay while making new friends and reconnect with old friends. As the thread title states, this is not a recruitment thread. I don't want to rev the engines that hard just yet, though the site HAS changed: http://shadowhooftribe.shivtr.com/

I, and a few friends of mine, are looking for folks who would like to interact with this more rough-around-the-edges group of warriors. The Shadowhoof have never been an overly friendly tribe IC, but OOC we are nothing but caring towards our fellow RPers. The rule of the game is "Always ask first" before going head long into any storyline or event. Safety first!

  • Can we get a little 'grimdark edgelord'? Oh yeah. When your dealing with such a war torn world, how can you avoid it?
  • Do we take things too seriously OOC? Pfft, nah. There is a reason we call it shenanigans!
  • We are all adults looking to goof around and create some epic stories along the way. I'm not sure about server-wide events, but I have a few stories planned. I'm not a god at event planning, but I can hold my own in a crowd. If what you see interests you, feel free to drop me a message in-game or a mail! I prefer scheduling things because I have a pretty busy job, but I'm willing to work with anyone to get a bit of story rolling!

    Hope to see folks around! Glad to be back!
    (( Good to see you back! ))
    Azriell Feathermane wandered the paths of Feralas, the green forest paths both familiar and strange to her. Her hooves brought her to the Hippogryph totem, and coincidentally, to Kurshaw. She waited patiently under the leafy boughs of her one time home, leaning lightly against a tree.

    "Welcome back, old friend," she whispered with a smile. "Welcome back."
    (( Welcome back!

    Again! ))
    (Looking forward to encountering your tribe :D. My tribe of earth loving hippies might have some tension wifh your tribe.)
    (( And so the mighty Kurshaw has returned. Its been to long. Welcome back to WRA, hopefully I can be part of some of your RP events. (At least on Wachiwi, that is, Windsong Represent.) You've been missed, Kursh.))
    Stumbled on this, happy to see Kurshaw/Shadowhoof is back! Best of luck!

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