Find Fish Missing

Bug Report
It seems you have to re-learn it?

Mine was missing also, and while fishing in Suramar for Runescale Koi, I fished up a Weather Beaten Journal. I right clicked it and gave me back the ability to find fish.
Yea, I got the tracking on my Druid and noticed Find Fish wasn't there, I'm mining/herb so it's a pain. I dealt with it, did some searches, double checked I have the ach (yep), finally found this thread. Instead of waiting on a ticket I went fishing in Zangarmarsh. Got the journal on the second crate and have Find Fish. It is now turned off tyvm.
Confirmed fix for this issue.

I had the same problem on my hunter after an account transfer - Find Fish was turned on and no option to toggle this under the Tracking magnifying glass (I had previously completed the Fish Don't Leave Footprints achievement).

I headed to Umbrafen Lake in Zangarmarsh, first cast into a pool of Steam Pump Flotsam I caught a Heavy Supply Crate which contained the Weather-Beaten Journal. I used the journal and learnt (re-learnt) the Find Fish ability, and can again toggle it on and off.

Good luck :)

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