Help getting alts in my one-man guild

Muradin and Nordrassil
Due to the goofy phazing going on I'm having an issue trying to get someone not in a guild to join mine and invite my alts.

I'm am looking for someone who may help me with this issue. I have 6 alts that need to be added. I don't have much cause I only play this game in burst of 2-3 months at a time every 2-3 years at a time but will give 100 gold per toon for helping me.

Server is Muradin and I'm on weekdays after 6pm est and weekends 10am till late.

I will post on here again when I can get this completed, until then (even if it's a month later) this will remain an open plea for help.

Thank you.
Found a very friendly person to help. Job is complete. Thx

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