Corpse Shield + Pet Dismiss + re-summon macro

Death Knight
This really only works with the All Will Serve macro but basically when you pop corpse shield just before your pet dies you dismiss and re-summon it and the corpse shield transfers over to the new pet so you don't have to deal with the pet dying and the 30 seconds of summoning it back ^_^

Only drawback is it takes time for the pet unit frame to appear so you could end up dismissing it again because you didn't think it summoned

Now if you take the Sludge Belcher talent and macro Corpse Shield to the pet's Protective Bile instead of a 90% damage reduction you get a 95% (96% if dark transformation is active) damage reduction. I hope my math is correct if not then it's a much higher damage reduction
What is a good way to write that macro?

All I have so far is

/script PetDismiss()
/cast [mod:shift] Raise Dead

Any ideas or better ways of using the macro?

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