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With the recent pre-expansion patch I've noticed the size of the floating combat text to be extremely small. The text gets even worse with nameplates on, becoming almost not visible at all.

To be clear: I'm talking about the floating combat text that shows up near the targets that you are dealing damage to.

Try standing at max range, with max camera distance, and damaging your target. The text will be way too small to see clearly.

Its always fun seeing the big damage you are dealing to your enemy, and now I can barely see what is going on.
Friend commented to me about that as well. I checked an addon called Scrolling Combat Text and the font size they use is a bit TOO big for me.

Don't feel bad, you're not alone in that. I didnt notice it until a friend pointed it out and I looked at ... yeah.

I usually pay more attention to the bar, but the actual text is on the small side if zoomed all the way out. And I won't even get on the bandwagon about that kettle of fish.
Have you found a solution to that?
07/24/2016 07:42 PMPosted by Panzzy
Have you found a solution to that?

I'd also like a solution to the tiny text problem, preferably one that didn't require me installing yet another addon.
I tried looking for a command or setting, but it seems that the floating combat damage text is inaccessible and unable to be modified in anyway.
Addons just disable the default one and add a custom scrolling text frame which is no longer above the targets you are dealing damage too.

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