Lord Maxwell Tyrosus is MIA for Argent Call

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Trying to do Argent Call: The Noxious Glade, quest turn in (Lord Maxwell Tyrosus) isn't here. Wowhead comments going back to Cata say this guy is known to be missing and to relog (which I have, for 30 minutes).

GM was unable to do anything apparently and told me to try back at a later time because quests are being patched, and recommend I post here for other user help.

Anyone else having issues with this quest post 7.0? Did you fix it, if so how?
Other players in Light's Hope Chapel are reporting that Maxwell is gone for them as well, and has been gone for the past few days.
Looks like this is a know issue that they are working on, Portals. I don't have an ETA on a resolution but from what I can see it should be within the next day. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Thanks so much for the follow up, Vrakthris
I'm having same issue to try and turn in Argent Call: Noxious Crusade with the NPC. I have relogged as well as drop quest and try and complete again. Thank you guys for working on the issue.
He seems to leave the current phase the moment you leave the Chapel itself
I picked up the quest and walked out the front door, turned and watched him phase out. It wouldn't surprise me if he gets dumped into the Paladin Class Hall phase.
Still not fixed yet.
July 20th hotfix did not fix this quest, and they're aware that Noxious Glade is still bugged (https://twitter.com/WoW_Feral/status/756176979905294336)
Definitely not fixed, still happening.
You need to report bugs in the Bug Report forum.

QA does not take bug reports from the CS forum and the SFAs here normally do not act as liaisons to them.

Posting here will not let them know it still needs to be fixed.
The Hotfix you were looking at came out before you sent your message as it says they fixed him Disappearing when you took Argent Call: Trial of the Crypt. which was the quest right before it. the hotfix to fix this one might come soon or later.
Hoping it gets fixed today, since this bug blocks the entire progression in this zone.
07/22/2016 02:42 AMPosted by Aikran
Hoping it gets fixed today, since this bug blocks the entire progression in this zone.

I know... They took the servers down for maintainence so I'm hoping the version number will be slightly higher when it comes back from maintainence... if not hoping they hotfix it later today.

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