Mobs you feel guilty killing

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07/30/2016 08:41 PMPosted by Snowfox
About the 200th fox I killed in order to steal its baby, I stopped for a moment and went "This seems wrong. I've killed 200 and should have gotten one by now."

You could always kill a few more to study the possibility of sterility in this population. Or just pay the blood price for the fox kit from the Wardens.
I feel sorry when I kill playable races espeacially when I'm on a death knight and I accidentally use frost fever on a neutral civilian when attacking an armed "alliance" (they don't have the PvP tag) soldier. I feel really guilty.

I also feel guilty on forsaken quests when I give needlessly cruel poisons to POWs :( And of course the Forsaken quests in Wrath are always extra bad cause they don't even look out for their own anymore and you end up killing people on your side for "failure" like some kind of stereotypical evil overlord.
One of my toons completed a quest that made them ruler of the ogres over by blades edge in outlands and proceed to ogri'la. Then some other guy had a quest where I had to kill a bunch of the ogres I was ruler of. I wanted to kick his !@#, but ended up killing my people to get through the quest chain. "You killed me. Me is honored." If I could've flagged myself pvp or something to kill that... actually, my toon is a level 100 ilevel 682 hunter with an echidna pet now... I might go kick that guy's $%^ now... And the fel reaver while I'm out there. *Making a hitlist now...* :)

*Spoiler of sorts*
Edit: Person above me mentioned death knight killing playable races. One of the death knight quests bothered me and made me want vengeance irl.. And then I was pretty well satisfied with the conclusion of the DK starting experience. DK starting experience was well done.
Mobs you feel guilty killing

Deer/fawn around the D.E.H.T.A. camp in the Borean Tundra...

I actually kill tons of mobs to save them while in the area.

Baby mammoths in the same zone, too. I actually wish there was a daily quest to save them from the traps instead of just a one-off quest.
Just for reference, in the 200 days or so my main here has been fighting in Azeroth, she has killed nearly half a million people and sentient animals, and around half of those were too weak to defend themselves properly.

She's basically got a kill tally as high as the Enola Gay, not counting the subsequent radiation effects.

Calling her "good" is erroneous. She's a god damned monster who has personally killed more people than any protagonist in Call of Duty or any historical figure who did not drop an atomic bomb or sign numbers of death orders that cross into the realm of genocide. In any just world she would be in prison or permanently retired from the battlefield for sheer bloodlust. In the lore she's been given command of a private army, castle, and navy at her beck and call. She treated her naval personnel's lives as expendable because she was unwilling to wait for the resources to equip ships properly for the combat missions she sent them on - missions that resulted in personal gain for her and her alone.

She has a personal army that is loyal to her and her alone, who she pays with her own resources. She has command of a navy and unsupervised control of a military base. She's in a perfect position for a coup against the Alliance leaders. Any reasonable person would be friggin terrified of the position she's in, and her reputation for being indifferent to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people makes that even more terrifying.

And then in Legion, Thrall is going to promote her to the leadership role of all Shaman in the Earthen Ring and entrust her with a magical artifact more powerful than any weapon she's wielded ever before.

Whoever's writing my character's personal story is a god damned lunatic.
Not killed, but one of the first pets my hunter tamed was a wolf.

As soon as I tamed it - my new 'pet' killed its 4 pups.

That was just sick.
Trilliax. Legion's version of Lei Shi.
there is a rare in duskwood called "the unknown soldier" that I always feel a bit bad killing and I always /Salute him before killing him.

from my understanding there is actual lore about this mob too.
Here's a story:

I got an engineering toy from the garrison building that attaches a bomb on whatever I want it to and makes it blow up in a few seconds. Wanting to just use it a bunch for the achievement, I fly out and toss it on random creatures.

I used it on a baby elekk and it ran to it's mother and used "Call for mommy"
...the bomb blew up and killed both of them.

It was both the funniest, and saddest, thing I had ever seen.
Edwin VanCleef before he was removed.
07/30/2016 07:55 PMPosted by Eyrinjia
I feel guilty about killing mama bears/mammoths/etc., to the point that I then generally take care to visit merciful death upon the newly orphaned cubs/calves/etc. who would otherwise die without their mamas.

I do the same but only so one won't grow up and say "hello my name is Inigo Montoya..."
07/30/2016 08:31 PMPosted by Iceferno
Those villagers in the DK starting area quest... man did I hate to kill them :(

The one that knows you and at first tries to reach the real you..Then just say's to get it over with?

Yea, that one really gets me every time..
That DK quest where you have to kill your faction race counterpart?

I really don't like that quest at all.
I've been questing in Borean Tundra lately, and there is one questline that asks you to save the mammoths from the evil hunters, while another questline sends you out to kill a bunch of those same mammoths for their hides. Talk about your mixed messages.
Any animal mobs, although I don't feel as bad if they're red and attack me.
There was this npc chick in wrath who was undercover as a mage working for malygos. I think it was malygos.

After a quest sends you to kill her you loot a letter to her family explaining that she was undercover and how she thought it was worth it.

Come on alliance leadership. Don't send me to kill my own allies.
Small cat mobs. I'm a mega cat person and almost (if not downright) all of them are harmless critters that you never have to do anything to, but they're all over Tanaris and I think some in Eversong that are attackable.

Big cats (except for that corrupted kitty in Felwood) and other various animals don't bug me.
Whenever I played an alliance alt. I always hated killing any Forsaken. I would sometimes abandon quests that had me kill Forsaken as well.
07/30/2016 08:36 PMPosted by Breadisfunny
any and all sin'dorei mobs.

I absolutely cannot bring myself to kill a Dragonhawk ever. and the cats in the starting zone.
Plagued animals. They didnt deserve to be plagued in the first place and it sucks that the hand that infected them has to be the one that kills them.

They didnt want this. They didnt deserve any of this crap.

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