Did we lose our ranged silence, Gag Order?

Been playing a prot warrior since wrath, I always used heroic throw with gag order to silence caster mobs so they would run to me. In WoD it was still available as a glyph, but now with 7.0, I can't find it anywhere or anything else to replace it. I did not see it mentioned in the list of changes (outside the part that just says glyphs were scrapped)

Is it gone? Do I have to mourn the loss of this tool?
It was removed. Major glyphs were removed, and Blizzard decided not to make it a talent. I don't know or care if it is an honor talent, but you might look at those.
I checked, and I see no thing that would work as a ranged silence/interrupt :(
I guess sin e heroic throw is spamable for protection, but they could easily put an internal CD on it. Not having it really hurts warriors badly imo.
Bumping this because this topic isn't getting the attention it deserves.

The ranged silence from gag order was an invaluable tool for tanking 5-mans. It's been such muscle-memory for tanking that I still see a ranged mob casting, hit it with heroic throw, and only then remember "oh sh-t that doesn't do anything anymore." It really feels like an oversight that it's been removed, like Blizz threw out a bunch of glyphs they deemed "useless" and this got caught in that. Well, I want to say it's not useless. In fact, it's been so useful I don't even know why it wasn't made baseline for prot years ago, rather than becoming a glyph, but that's a whole other topic.

Anyway, gag order was great, Blizzard please reconsider giving us this ability back.
09/23/2016 09:14 AMPosted by Lattsatnar

The ranged silence from gag order was an invaluable tool for tanking 5-mans.

This. A ranged silence is incredibly useful for mob management.
We have lost a lot of very cool and unique abilities over the years, but things have been added also.

A ranged silence is pretty powerful in PvP, especially when targeting opposing healers. However, we're currently lacking in PvP utility, and adding this back to resolve an issue for PvE tanking would also give us more PvP utility.

Would be awesome.

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