<Capital Vices> 3 Felsteel Annihalator mounts

Hydraxis and Terenas
As the subject states, CV has just three more Mythic Archimonde mounts left to sell. The final two will be auctioned off mid-August.

Our guild is on the realm Eredar, so this post is for those who very much would like the achievements, title and the mount before it goes to 1% on August 30th!

We no longer reserve loot either! Including TF gear!
The available dates are Aug. 9th/10th and the 17th all start @ 7pm EST or shortly thereafter.

If you would like to reserve a spot please whisper either Rackanishu-Eredar or Heinekenn-Eredar (Heinkenenn is nearly always online).

If you are unable to contact me please just whisper anyone online in CV and ask for me, or you can add my btag IFmetalhead#1145 (that's a capital i as in in flames)

Thanks and good luck to all in Legion!
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