Why is everything green and purple

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Why? nobody likes it

Since transmog has been released people transmog to black - red - anything dark - or anything that shows skin on a female or gold

ive never seen a full purple or green transmog

why cant we have weapons and armor that looks like weapons and armor

there isnt a nice dark grey/cobalt metal looking set in the entire game
Hi. Green mog checkin' in. :D

Though in all seriousness, I would enjoy simpler armor! I'm not a big fan of gaudy and flashy - I would LOVE more armor that just...y'know, looks like practical armor!

That'd be rad.
My warrior is dark grey and green, would link but the armory doesn't even show stuff anymore.

Well you can see in the pic on the side, though this helmet is not supposed to be displayed (She has green hair) strange.
You got a problem with purple? Not everyone wants to dress like an emo 12 year old.
07/30/2016 07:41 PMPosted by Pallypointz

there isnt a nice dark grey/cobalt metal looking set in the entire game

Well... there is for plate, but it's pretty damn expensive (Vanilla Naxx Warrior Tier) and only on the BMAH.
nobody likes it..

Where are you getting your facts from buddy? Green and purple are the only good mogs in the game.

Just because you dont like something doesnt mean other people dont like it. Stop acting like a child and let other people have fun
Don't be racist man :c
well after thousands of BGS and dungeons its VERY VERY rare you see green or purple MOST people transmog to either skank ir they are a female or dark
What's wrong with purple, hon?
Green and purple go really well together from a color stand point and it's a fantasy game, armor and weaponry can be any color.

That being said I wish there were more color variants with sets or at least one of each.

I've got quite handful of purple and/or green sets that I like among my characters. I do wish there were more gear in white. Then there's my bank alt, whom refuses to discriminate and enjoys all colors:

Almost all my toons changed into some combination of purple and fel green. Love the look.
I wear Red and Purple. (I'm using the Robe of Doan) after putting it on, I stopped by the Warlock trainers in SW and realized I was wearing the same outfit for the most part (Shoulders, boots and robe, they don't wear capes and all have diffrent gloves and hats). I put the outfit on cause it felt warlocky, I just didn't realize how much. Tons of my outfits are purple.
Wonder when they're going to start offering "Transmog Packs" on the Blizz store?
Well I think all of you guys are fugly if you actually use green and purple.
I have a Gnome Monk whose gear is all green with a sort of brown / bronze trim.
I rarely wear purple. I mostly wear black, white, gold, red, yellow and sometime blue.
I have a red mog and a purple mog. Forums havent updated my avatar this is my red mog. The purple mog i have is the dalaran t8 warrior mage looking one like rhonin wears. And none are skimpy.
I do TOO wish for more variety in armour sets.

07/30/2016 07:41 PMPosted by Pallypointz
ive never seen a full purple or green transmog

My character isn't updated on the website for some reason.. but my entire transmog is purple for this character.
Same for my Warlock and Priest.
My rogue's set is entirely green.
I honestly wish there were MORE pieces of green armour.

07/30/2016 07:41 PMPosted by Pallypointz
Why? nobody likes it

Also, how dare you.

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