Is your first character your main?

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I had a bad case of alt fever when the game was released, so no. The name is the same as the first priest I made during my first week of playing, though, and it is a very old character.
This toon was my very first one. I still have her and have leveled her. She's gone through race changes and server transfers but she's mostly an enchanting bot these days. I keep her around for nostalgia.
Rolled a human rogue more than 11 years ago. He's switched factions a few times and is currently a night elf, but he's been my main for every xpac.
No, I started out on a druid, I didn't like it so I deleted it and made a hunter. Now I main a mage.
No this character (originally a male NE hunter on Dragonblight) is not my main.
I've had this priest as my main since vanilla release. I started out healing but quickly got tired of it and went shadow. Numerous other characters but this one still sees the most attention.
I went through paladin(gave up in STV around the point where paladin was 30+ seconds of autoattacking mobs waiting for seal of command procs to kill them), priest(I wanted to melt faces in PvP, mostly just died instead), and rogue(kept killing my priest, figured I wanted to be them instead) before trying a warrior(kept killing my rogue, figured I wanted to be them instead) and sticking with that for good.
08/09/2016 09:00 AMPosted by Lucroarna
I made this priest in Vanilla at an overnight LAN party with some buddies.

We made it to the barrens, and I still have a photo of that night when things didn't go quite well as we planned.

And to this day, that same day is my main. I've leveled him first in every expansion since then, and at this point, a large part of the game is the nostalgia surrounding the way the world has changed so much since I first made him.

Anyone else still maining their first toon?

Not anymore. I made my Warrior back in Wrath. Had no idea what the hell stats were or how to function like a Warrior other then SMASH ALL THE BUTTONS.
Still has his Scarlet Gear too.
Had a Bloodelf character that I made in BC . Deleted him a long time ago.
made a gnome mage back in 04 when wow launched.many good time at the tauren lumber mill.old school world pvp
no. i originally made a dwarf hunter back at the release of vanilla.. never got it above 30.

then i made other characters on and off until BC.

then i made Avvannah. i loved the paladin class back then and still do. so she's been my main.

My first character was a human paladin named Battalion on Gorefiend.

WAY back in Vanilla though I do not identify as a Vanilla player. I was forced to quit due to finances and personal troubles.
Nope. I still have the first character I leveled to cap but my first one ever was on a starter edition.
This Druid wasn't the first character I created, but it was the first one I got over level 30 which was still a bit of work back in vanilla. It was also my first character to experience wpvp in Stonetalon Mountains. What a rush it was!

When BC came out, I created a Draenei Shaman to be a special snowflake (compared to all my friends who had been playing since launch) and got him to the cap first. I've pretty much abandoned him since BC though.

This Druid has been my main many times over the years and xpacs and my most played in WotLK, Cata and WoD. :)
Er, yes and no.
My first toon was a hunter. This character was my second. She was however the first character I got serious on and thus invested a lot of time into.
This was my first, made on launch day. He has been my main in everything except WotLK, when my mage was my main. However, going into Legion, I am switching to my shaman for my main. Guild needs more healing options, so, Resto / Elemental it is.

I always level my alts pretty quickly once I hit max on my "main", but my hunter might actually be fourth this time, after my warrior then my rogue. I think the monk and warlock are going to be semi permanently benched.
Sadly my first character is on a realm that died years ago. Haven't felt like paying to move it to the server I play on now either due to the cost.
I was going to main my first character, a Ret Paladin, for this expansion, but I really dislike the playstyle so I'll most likely be sticking with my Mage.
Yep. Alliance-side, at least. A night-elf arms warrior, because something I'd read was saying that warriors are an easy class to start with. (Because of survivability? I dunno....)
Horde-side, I've changed mains a few times because of changing raid needs for the guild. My roster there includes a shadow/disc priest, a boomkin, and a frost DK. The boomkin's actually my oldest Horde toon.
My Horde DK will likely remain my Horde main for the new expansion. Really not sure about Aod (my arms warrior), because Arms is in such complete !@#$ shape since the pre-patch. I may try her as Fury, which is doing well, or bring in another toon altogether. It all makes me very sad, because I really have loved Arms, for reasons that are completely unrelated to actual game play.

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