Enhancement is now Very Lackluster

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I've been doing some retro raids on my new Enhancement spec... and I have to say that I'm very underwhelmed.

The utility of the spec has gone down by a descent 75%. In addition, all of my spells are my hitting the enemy with my melee weapon. That's it.

I have one fun ability (the lightning on the ground one), and that's it.

I truly miss pre-patch Enhancement. I miss being able to cast Flame shock. I miss being able to spread it to others with Lava Lash... I miss having my fire totems. I miss being able to explode everyone around me in fire.


All I'm doing now is striking the enemy with my weapons. That is so lame.

I honestly don't see a difference between a Warrior and an Enhancement Shaman now, because I certainly don't have any elemental abilities. I've gained 3 new weapon attacks that barely have a graphic. Yay?

I want to use elemental magic when I fight. Oh, and the fun abilities? Well... they do no damage compared to the boring ones.

Why do we have to choose between fun and viability? The fun abilities with graphics on them should be learned just by being Enhancement. Don't make me choose between a cool-looking ability and a strong, boring one.

Fury of Air, Earthen Spike and Sundering should be baseline. Please give us some Elemental powers.

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