Recruiting serious players for Legion.

Hydraxis and Terenas
[Whispers of the Old Gods] is a fresh horde guild who is starting recruitment for players who plan on hitting the expansion level cap rather quickly and approaching the new content competitively. We are looking for players who want a spot in a tight core group for Dungeons, Raids, and/or RBGs. We are forming this group because we want to make sure we have skillful and dedicated players that are serious enough for constant content progression while still enjoying the Legion expansion. If you show up and do your job you will have a spot each and every raid night. If there is a very repetitive and specific problem holding the groups back adjustments will be made, if a player is dedicated I can't imagine issues arising. We plan to make our name known on the Hydraxis/Terenas server. Feel free to whisper, send mail, or forum post.

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