[H] Sealed - 2 Nights - 7/9M Ranged dps

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Looking for a quality ranged player to slot into our raid team.
bump any ranged friends? :)

you interested in a des lock ?as i would like to join you guys if you have a spot
Bump. Feel free to add me for a chat enderhil
Bump for dps
Looking for a solid DPS and potentially a druid healer.
Still looking
looking for heals and dps
Any bears out there?
07/22/2017 08:12 PMPosted by Phoebie
Looking for a solid DPS and potentially a druid healer.

Still looking for a Druid healer??

Also have a frost Mage and blood dk but those 2 toons are a bit behind these days
Vengeance DH (928-933 depending on fight) with 6 years of tanking expirience in other MMOs since I took a hiatus from wow in MOP. 2/9M TOS, with lots of pulls up to 4/9M trialing for guilds. This is the first raid tier I've properly played since I returned to WOW. Been struggling really hard to find a guild that shows up on time. I genuinely believe I should be in the 4-5/9M range (which is what my old guild is currently at but I had to leave because times didn't work). Perhaps even higher had I found the right players to play around.

Old logs before I server switched: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tichondrius/fluffykinz#

New logs on Barth: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/barthilas/flufykinz#

I know i'm not a bear, but I truly feel I've mastered my class: Have parses well beyond the 90th for healing and dmg. I understand all the theory and take part in discussions on the forum.

I'd also be happy to discuss rerolling bear for the latter TOS bosses.

If you guys would like to give me a shot, please reach out @Sargeras#1224.
@Ãngeloid we'd consider a mythic experienced healer particularly a druid.

@flufykinz thanks for the detailed info. Unfortunately tank specs are in an odd spot atm where class matters a great deal and your class in particular is not the best on a lot of bosses. It will be a tough ask unless you have another class ready to go Thanks for the interest though.
Maiden down (yay) open to all roles atm.

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