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Hello Everyone, This is more of a reach out for help as well to gather some support for a very invested missive from myself and other Horde players regarding the beloved, Warlord's Deathwheel. As we all know, The Warlord's Deathwheel was the winning Chopper in the Azeroth Choppers competition in 2014 and as a result of winning the Horde players got their mount at the time, the Alliance received nothing. End of story right? No. The Alliance eventually received their beloved mount as well, as a purchasable mount for 100k Gold in Old Town, Stormwind, making it ubiquitously available for all Alliance players, before or after competition. Now enter's me, a general noob to Warcraft. I am enjoying this game and I leveled a Orc Warrior, even part of a fantastic guild and prepared for Legion in the coming month of this post. Here is my gripe, as a Orc Warrior I would love this mount, and I understand I wasn't around for the promotion so therefore I am not entitled to it, that is a argument that I would respect and understand having played many mmo's before wow and having quite the collection of goodies on Star Wars The Old Republic. What I am advocating for is fairness because it is abundantly clear that the mount in question is available, per say, for the Alliance Dogs (No offense love you guys) and The Horde Champions can't obtain the mount currently. Couldn't the Horde have a Goblin vendor in the slums of Orgrimmar that could sell it for 100k Gold, I know myself and many others would be interested. At that interval the contest results would be: Horde players at the time of the competition: Get free mounts: Anyone who loss: can buy theirs respectively for 100k gold. I really Like the idea of the mount being available for Horde champions like it is for the heroes of the Alliance. Does anyone Agree? Disagree? I would like a discussion about this but I am hopeful if there is enough Horde champions like myself, the Dev's may see this post and see that Blood and Thunder and also be accompanied by the sound of Metal gears of a "Goblin Lawnmower"
my eyes
would be nice to it available to everyone!
I'm still confused as to how the Horde "won", when the bike is no longer available, whereas the Alliance one is. What's the problem with making the Horde one avaliable again for 100k?
08/08/2016 08:14 PMPosted by Shtanky
my eyes
Did you just refer to us as......"dogs"?
Honestly the bike on the Alliance looks awful so anyone that actually dumped 100k on that piece of scrap metal either has money to burn or bad taste.

Bike will probably come back in some fashion honestly but I kinda would wish they wouldn't have released the bikes period. Nothing but whining from Alliance about how it was rigged, Horde favortism accusations, complaints they had to buy them, complaints "but I didn't log in at this time!" from the Horde.

Worst case scenario remove the bike from the Alliance, make them craftable via engineering much like the mechano-hog for newer players with vendor mats. Gives engineers another mount to make to remain relevant as a tradeskill, keeps people happy the bikes are attainable, etc.
08/08/2016 08:16 PMPosted by Padrin
I'm still confused as to how the Horde "won", when the bike is no longer available, whereas the Alliance one is. What's the problem with making the Horde one avaliable again for 100k?

Well, uh see.




Good question.
*vroom vrooms on her warlord's deathbringer*
Couldn't agree more!!
Roggvar has a fair point if your going to make something available to one faction it should be available to both sides.
Mmmm...can you smell the double standard up in here? The winners lose and the losers won. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Well considering how they are treating legendaries since Pandaria you have a fat chance getting this mount. I'd sell my Deathwheel in a heartbeat to be able to access cool content I missed out on.
The Horde didn't win the competition technically, but what Roggvar is saying is that the Horde trike was voted the winner of the OCC 2014 WoW Mount competition based on votes for the coolest, (but really the most represented) if I recall correctly. The winning faction (Horde) received the mount for free. However now new Horde players are not allowed to purchase the trike. Alliance, who's bike did not win the contest, are *able* to obtain the bike if they so wish. This doesn't seem fair and I agree with Roggvar's intention on this post. Please make the Horde trike available for purchase as well.
Even if they made it obtainable by crafting I'd be ok with that.
Agreed I own both mounts and the horde one should be available.
I don't agree with alliance's even still being available. It was meant to be exclusive to the competition, if you came after, bummer. There's lots of mounts that are just like that, sorry you missed it. Big disagree here, ally should be removed from vendor as well.
I wish it was obtainable to both factions.

Even if they take it away from Alliance >now<, that would still be unfair because a lot of people that weren't around for the competition period still managed to snag one afterwards...

I want a Warlord's Deathwheel!
Second this, we need a blue response asap!
Keep it exclusive, since it adds to the allure of the mount.

The one upside of not being able to fly in Broken Isle is allowing me to ride on my Deathwheel again. I can't tell you how many whispers I get from some random players watching me zoom around with it.

It's just that awesome.

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