Hi2u OG mannoheads

Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, and Nazjatar

Since when did we get bumped into a 3 realm forum? That's pretty disrespectful to one of the OG servers that's been up since Beta.

Anyway I hope Legion is dope and can keep anyones interest for longer than a month.

[Hey Gorgrim.. you got any arcane crystals] - Unknown
One of the OG servers not to mention the best pvp realm in Vanilla. Its such a shame how much harm the initial Cho'Gall transfer did to such a prestigious realm with so much history.
Manno died years ago when xfers and server mergers happened after top guilds left for other servers. RIP in peaces

Always will be my home though ;_;

Makes me sad /cry
Oh, I'm sucked back in. Have no problems finding groups or anything. But yeah, it's not quite the same. But I'm still not leaving!
I'll never leave this server. Anyone seen Sworn, Cromulak or KelseyMkiv around =P
Sworn :''(

I saw a 12p guy yesterday and lost my !@#$. I was like !! you're back.. but he broke the news that Reformation or whatever they broke off into is alive and well somewhere else.

I'd love to bring back the good stuff like guild progress competition, knowing everyone on your server, dancing on the Org mailbox with Loomis, having your Arcanite Reaper made by Gorgrim, or just getting trolled by Evergreen.

[Make Mannoroth Great Again] - Xgf
What about chair? Does noone want him back?! Itsariptide, holly, dora, and drsoviet! When the best guild on the server was SPK
I need more Zhou in this chat.
who gives a !@#$ about chair, bring back aradesh vs sluggette and maybe dyfed and friends

and Zhou would be a dope cameo. How able Randaw? or whatever that damn Gnome mage was that would gank at BRM before raids.
Oh Randawl... hehe.
I saw Influenza doing a PVP world quest and it made me smile.
That old Manno lag killed it. I left for a few months with a friend during Cata but we both missed it and Xferd back.
And yeah the merged servers blows.
I need more Black Zhou in this chat.

Yea, <Not Recruiting> was looking to come back to reclaim RBG's again, but the environment of the game seems like a major downer.
How the !@#$ do I remember all these names I was 14 now I'm almost 24. %^-*. So long ago. Seeing them actually makes me want to move on with life though. Bittersweet.

Now all server chat is guild spam and that's it.
/wave (formerly Nintendorks/Asgarths Vanguard Horde)

Not surprised to see Macabre still around. No launch guilds on Horde side anymore from what I've seen since coming back, not that the cross server crap helps at all.


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