Why do you like melee/range best?

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So, blizzard gave us one more melee class. Sure i'm trying it, but I can't find myself comfortable with melee classes.

I want to know what make players have a preference towards melee or ranged, if you even have one. And I want to know if what I feel is also shared by others.

I like Ranged because, as a clicker, I find melee very uncomfortable to play, I'm most of the time trying to face my enemies. Turning around using keys is slow, and sometimes I turn using right mouse, but then I lose time between clicking and rotating... it's very clunky playstyle.

I wonder if melee is clicker-unfriendly for others as well.
I don't like melee because too many tanks like to play Spin the Dragon or Let's Give the Boss a Tour of This Platform. I understand sometimes the boss legitimately needs to be moved, but too much unnecessary movement is a turn off, especially when there are mechanics you need to avoid that specifically come from the front (breath, cleave) and back (tail swipe).

Now, solo play? Melee is great.
I like being up close and personal, but I feel like ranged is better/safer.

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