Sylvanas bringing Varian back

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Now, I had discussed this weeks ago before we got to see HOW Varian dies. I said what if he comes back Forsaken.

We now see that as probably not possible heh.

However, what if Sylvanas can bring his Soul back in some form? I do not fully grasp all the Val'kyr and Valhalla crap because I haven't looked into it, but could this be a possibility?

He might not even be brought back in some permanent aspect, but maybe just communed with?

Thoughts? Rubbish?
It takes a much hotter fire to melt bone than to burn flesh, so Varian's skeleton might still be intact even if the rest of his body isn't.

And I wouldn't put it past Sylvanas to take an interest in it...
I'm pretty sure when Sylvanas flung herself off Icecrown Citadel, the Valkyr brought her back to life and put her splattered body back together too. But I could be wrong, I read that short story when it was current.

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