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So I'm coming from the Alliance side of things but i'm more than sure there is definitely horde dealing with the same issue on select PvP realms. I get it and understand I specifically chose to role on a PvP server, that was my choice to make and I made that choice just 4 years ago before Cross Realm really took off / most of my attention was focused in MoP zones which weren't cross realm'd at the time.

Now Let's focus of the Pre-Patch events, Currently we have access to two events, the broken shore scenario where horde and alliance somewhat join forces to confront Gul'dan (no one could attack anyone) / Varian and Sylvanas have a tactical agreement. Then we have the Legion Invasion events across the world which is a great concept, it reminds me just like the Scourge Invasion back in the Pre-Event before WoTLK. The event is a lot of fun when you can participate in it (assuming you want to partake in it). After doing a few invasions a huge problem is starting to creep up on PvP realms, For an event that should be marking a temporary truce between factions (I mean the NPC's are all friendly towards the opposing faction?!?!) instead we are stuck fighting a 3 way war.

There's a saying:
The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The Burning legion is our Common enemy, I get it and understand and agree Peace between horde and alliance will probably never come to be in it's truest form, but during an event that's so heavily focused on pushing back the legion from destroying our world why is it that we still are able to fight each other? Why must we still fuel our hatred and rage towards each other during a time where we should be putting our differences aside. With more of the rewards being moved into actually participating in the events, in zones or phases where the invasions are going on if you are part of the faction that is completely out numbered you are forced to just fly in the air (assuming you are higher than level 60(The event is for level 10's-100's)) or you play the risk game of throwing an attack at the Demons that give you the Nethershards and running away hoping you don't get instantly burned down / chased by the other faction. Both methods aren't very fun game play.

Can a system be put in place to temporary change the Invasion phased zone into a Sanctuary or disable PvP So we can unite semi as one to defeat the common enemy? Example of how it would work:

As alliance: Flying from Southern Barrens to Northern Barrens i am flagged, but once i cross the boarder into Northern Barrens if the event is going on I instantly become un-flagged, participate in the event and then after the event has concluded a 30 Second Debuff warning me that i will be flagged again appears and the zone goes back to functioning like normal (Since i no longer see the invasion phasing even though technically the zone is being attacked for 4 hours if i recall correctly?

or another solution i can think of since it seems like a 7-10 horde per 1 alliance why not make the phasing faction specific because clearly horde have enough people to do a zone multiple times and i'm sure alliance have enough people to sustain a zone a few times over?

Never the less this is my thought / input on the current event's.

TR;DR - Cross Realm PvP on PvP servers is fine if you are in non Legion Invasion Zone, But Legion Invasion Zones are horrendous for those of the lesser faction in their Cross Realm.
I watched a bunch of Horde push the Alliance completely from the area, then struggle to kill the final invasion boss (at least it took forever). I think you're correct that it has no place in invasion areas. The only places the invasions have been when I'm not at work is contested zones, making it impossible to contribute. Oh well.
I'm just curious if a hotfix might be being worked on or if notes of this will be looked upon for future en-devours, because events like this would be really fun; Both sides getting loot for participating with no real reason to wipe the opposing factions group for a reward since its shared is a nice change of pace once and a while. But until we know more (if we need to know more) we'll just have to continue flying above invasions watching them struggle sometimes because if we land we are basically good as dead >.>, Better Luck Next Time.
I'm from Nemesis Server now we are cross realmed with Azralon in which Azralon Horde >>>>> Nemesis+Azralon+TolBarad Alliance. Really we can barely play the invasions... They should fix it or it least not make it cross realmed.
This is such a huge problem. Even in Alliance regions, there's AT LEAST 5 horde for 1 alliance. I can flag myself off when I'm in a friendly territory, but Contested or Horde Territory are just plain impossible. I'm forced to stay on my mount and wait in the air for the whole fight to stop. This is ridiculous.

It's intended if you are on a PvP server.
Yup it's the same for Sargeras server. We are Alliance dominated but got CRZ with a few Horde dominated servers so now we are majorly outnumbered.

I don't even participate in Invasions. Just fly to the zone and afk hover until it's over. Worst game design I've ever seen. It either encourages afking or rezzing every two minutes to die instantly.
Confirmed Horde get all the fun? :S Unless AFK flying really is that fun? :S
If we were meant to world pvp during the invasions why isn't the boss / loot faction tagged to promote it? :S
Better yet, where are the blue posts on this matter.

Attention Blizz, we hate this 3-way war nonsense.

Boycotting the stupid invasions until I hear some kind of response or even a rumor of a hot fix.
omg facepalm not another i got ganked lets all rp together in peace, gtfo the pvp server
I love world pvp but there isnt even much hope to enjoy that in these events. It just comes down to what servers get cross-realmed in. If you on the majority side sure you can pick a few people off and giggle. If your not then u stay flying up high and wait to tag stuff before running away.

Unfortunately I seem to almost always get a 10:1 ratio of horde during events and a majority of the player base simply wants shards, not to fight.
I wouldn't care so much if they hadn't reverted the flagging rules to pre-WoD.

I mean, really?

Some of us don't like playing under PvP rules (and I spent $275 to get away from it) but now, if we get flagged by joining a PvP cross-realm group, or we get flagged by a broken spell in the invasions/by a dreadlord, we suffer from the timer whether we like it or not.

Just fix it please.
08/12/2016 08:59 PMPosted by Gankinyou
omg facepalm not another i got ganked lets all rp together in peace, gtfo the pvp server

with a name like Gankinyou, and your comment. Your part of the problem. Dont be an ahole because you're clearly best at it. I played on Azshara ally, & Gorefiend horde for years after BC came out, and being trolled by douches constantly wasn't fun. Now I only play on rp or normal realms. Yet even there people still flag and become hostile which somehow causes you to be flagged, then you're trying to kill !@#$ without attacking them too but eventually one or the other ends up dead. I can only imagine what its like on pvp realms. My only solution since its too late for a fix, is if people are killing you, just tag the bosses so u get shards and your loot chests and mount up and let them do all the hard work. Since its no fun dying 50x to the bosses due to the ridiculous aoe bs and no organized raids killing them. Its just a big circle jerk for shards that are basically useless after you get all the gear.
so.... you see, i stopped playing on PvP realms because of that... i paid transfer for 5 toons....

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