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Hydraxis and Terenas
Looking to get back into 2 night a week raiding after taking a large break from the game. I'll post and link below my previous experience and you can follow character links if you'd like to verify dates on achievements etc. I'm looking for a good home for both casual raiding pace and mythic type dungeons. There's still a lot that I'm attempting to catch up on since getting back in game 2 weeks ago.

Here is a list of my past heroic experience in which was all killed in current time of those raids- (started playing during Naxx)
5/5 H ToC
10/12 H ICC
4/6 H BwD
1/5 H BoT
6/7 H FL
8/8 H DS
1/13 H ToT
10/14 H SoO 4/14 Mythic i stopped playing during this Mythic raiding content
Heres my two last mains for the above experiences -

I'm going to list out the toons I have at 100 because I'm trying to find the best fit for me, both time and guild wise. My previous experience should tell you that I commit and do research on my classes to perform as well as I can and with any spec I will do that going forward. Also will put my preferred spec next to the class. My past heroic experience came with both melee dps and healing. Also please keep in mind my level 100 characters aren't decked out in mythic gear since I just got back to the game. Most are ~700ilvl from legion invasion gearing.
100 - Mage(fire), Priest(shadow), DK(unholy), DH(havok), Druid(tank/resto), Warrior(fury)
98 - Rogue(Assassination)
97- Pally(holy)
The toons mentioned above are split between both Zul'jin and Terenas.

My availability is as follows -
Monday - maybe
Tuesday - maybe
Wednesday - yes after 9pm cst
Thursday - no
Friday - yes
Saturday - yes
Sunday - yes

In a perfect world a 2 night guild with a Fri/Sat or Fri/Sun schedule would be great! Thursday is an absolute no every week of the year. Im a working professional now so sometimes life gets in the way and I expect an adult ran guild to understand but communication will of course be used.

Please hit me up if you feel I'm a good fit!
Hey Hawtkarl, if changing factions, you may find <Off Topic> fit for your needs! I'll leave the info below and already added your Btag! Hope we can talk soon!


<Off Topic> is a semi-casual raiding guild on US-Terenas/Hydraxis looking for players interested in progressive raiding Legion content. We are a nice, fun, active guild, with experience and full clears in Normal and Heroic raiding in previous tiers (guild name changed recently from “Eternal Creators”).

We are looking to recruit players that have commitment and are interested in semi-casual raiding in Legion (2 nights a week) and progressing on the upcoming tiers. Raiding experience is not a requirement, as long as you are willing to learn and be consistent with the team. The goal is to begin raiding by the start of November giving us time to prepare and gear up for progression, in the meanwhile we are going to do weekly events (Dungeons, World Bosses, etc.) to get ready and to build a strong group. You can be sure that you will never be bored as we are always active and searching for stuff to do!

If you are interested be sure to send us a message:

GM: Soulcake -Terenas: Soulcake#1960
Officer: Syllete - Terenas: Starchaser#1865
Officer: Lastinkaa - Terenas: Raviin#1509
Officer: Ramirocc - Hydraxis: ramirocc93#1997

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