[A] <Aeternitas> Recruiting Healer 2/8 Mythic

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I'm assuming you guys are full on the Demon hunter role now?
Surprisingly we are not full. We have 0 demon hunters as of the time I am writing this.
DPS where you at? Still in need of DPS for ToV and Nighthold. Also looking for a Resto Shaman and Mistweaver Monk!
Still needing the DPS and the Healers!!!!! Apply today!!!!!
Bumpity bump
Bump - Still need DPS and some Heals!!!!!!!!
Well everyone is getting back from a great holiday break! We will be raiding Nighthold when it releases. Looking for great DPS to join our ranks. Monk and Shaman heals also would be a great help to us. Apply today!
Still in need of a DH?
Hello Pratsoul,

Yes we are still in need of Demon Hunters and other DPS as well. Please whisper once of the online members for an invite!
Hello everyone,

Nighthold is almost here and we are getting ready to start normal difficulty when it launches. We are still in need of some 870+ melee and ranged DPS. Also we are still looking for either a monk or shaman Healer to join our ranks. Please respond to us if you are interested and yes feel free to whisper online members for an invite! Hope to see some great new faces soon!
5/10N Nighthold done tonight! Come join us for Thurday night raiding! We need DPS!!!!!! Shaman and Monk healers also are needed! Join today!!!!!!
Come join the fun! Starting heroic NH now.

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