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Wyrmrest Accord
A subtle ocean breeze caresses your face and your hair. Seated beside you is a young woman who looks wistfully out to sea, the moonlight making the tears within her luminescent eyes glisten. "My story is unimportant, as is my past. Our focus should be on the present...how to improve ourselves, our weaknesses, our deprivations. Just as I was guided to my main calling in life, I feel I am meant to do more." She exhales deeply, seeming unsettled and in thought. "I had kin once. For long, I have since sought a purpose. I have wandered far only to return home. The Light wished for me to be the sole survivor of my ancestors and I knew not why before, but I realize now its greater purpose for me."

A long moment of peace follows. The currents of the waves gently roll ashore the sand, the eternal nighttime stars and moon alighting the sea into millions of sparkles that dance across the water.

"I have distanced myself and I must reverse my actions. With the good company of our kind should we be surrounded! If a draenei has lost their family, all the more reason to treat them as our own flesh and blood. If they look for fellowship, I will help to fulfill it. I will make it up to my people for my withdrawal." The woman hesitates a moment, brushing dark hair from her eyes and tucking it behind a tapered horn, an insecure childhood habit. "Will you join me, friend, in helping to begin and shape a union?"


Founded in May of 2016, The Draenei Fellowship is about nurturing strong bonds with likeminded Draenei and helping others in need. Draenei are encouraged to continue to shape their culture, preserve customs, and create new ones as well as new memories and new friends. Here, you can be imaginative. Character development and progression is important to us and there is plenty of room for you to try out new things. There is nothing more fulfilling than having a roleplay where your character gets an issue resolved, opens up, matures, or even learns a lesson or something new. If you get stuck, no worries! Just ask and we are happy to help you.

Our guild is designed in the likeness of normal Draenei society so each members' rank is equal despite being numbered in-game as 2-10. The ranks are name variations of each class; a Draenei is put in their coinciding class rank.

One or two events per week are regularly scheduled. We have a weekly meeting Tuesdays at 5pm covering casual roleplay as well as important topics, an ongoing storyline, annual events, and general gatherings. Events vary on the time of year and include educational talks and classes, fundraisers, tours, trips, and anything in between.

The Draenei Fellowship's focus is on heavy roleplay. We understand that our members may not always feel like roleplaying or instead want to level, raid, or P.v.P. That is fine with us! We do it as well, especially in light of new expansions and content. In the future, we may do occasional raids or P.v.P. but that will never be our top priority so please keep this in mind. As well, we do not utilize voice chat.

Per the lore, the Draenei have aligned themselves with the Grand Alliance since coming to Azeroth, pledging their allegiance early on. Many of the Draenei have felt the call to arms and actively participate in war against the Horde as well as any threat to the Alliance. Though not every character in our guild is a fighter, we would like to see patriotism under the banner of blue. Thus, The Draenei Fellowship proudly represents the Alliance.

What Makes Us Different
There is no hierarchy, no full application, and no interview. We wish to focus on what truly matters; bringing players together without the pressure and stress of ranks, dictatorships, and competition. We take pride in our uncommon approaches. This is what makes us different from most other guilds and we hope to be recognized for our fairness, honesty, and uniqueness for years to come.

We look for...
• Basic knowledge of roleplay and Blizzard's official roleplaying guidelines.
• An understanding of general Draenei history and culture endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment.
• Draenei characters that are memorable, still being in accordance with Draenei lore.
• Thoughtful, serious, and friendly players who are active and willing to participate in roleplay!

• We allow Draenei (Main Universe and Alternate Universe), Lightforged, Broken, and Lost Ones.
• All levels and classes are accepted.
• New and returning players and roleplayers are absolutely welcome! We will provide instruction if you are willing to learn.

For full information or to fill out our form, visit TheDraeneiFellowship.shivtr.com. Whisper or send a letter to Electrika for further questions. You are invited to be a part of The Draenei Fellowship! Thank you!

Pained screams ring out all around, wailing and coughing and cinders. The smell of burned flesh taints the ocean air. A young Draenei wraps her arms around a sobbing Night Elf, offering comfort and food. The Draenei turns to her fellow companion who had accompanied her to provide aid. "This could be us," Electrika says in the Draenei tongue, out of earshot from the elf. "Will the Horde now look to Azuremyst? Will we be their next target?"

"It may only be a matter of time before we are the homeless ones."

"Not without a fight. I still worry for us. The Legion has only just been vanquished - I thought the need for worry was over." She looks at the sad faces. "Is this what war has become, reduced to nothing but pure cruelty?" The palms of her hands flash briefly, the spirit of fire igniting within her. "I do not fear death. I do not fear the Horde. They want fire? We will give them fire."


No sooner has one war ended than a new one will start! In The Draenei Fellowship's newest campaign, we are gearing up once again to heed the call of battle and fight any foe that comes our way, especially the Horde. We have defeated the Burning Legion - what could be worse than they?
Reserved. Posts last revised: 5/31/18 - Battle for Azeroth update. I used a bit of dialogue from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring movie (the guild's namesake!).

Notice: We are on hiatus until after BFA in August/September. We still have a few summer events!

A big thank you to all of my members! Best members ever! I am eternally grateful for your support that is unending and unwavering. I sincerely could not continue without you.

You may now post!
The Draenei Fellowship is back with a bang to ring in the New Year! After a short break over the holidays, we are ready for action once more. Updates were made to my Legion post to accommodate the latest. :)
Woo! Best guild ever! :D
I thought I would come by to update what is happening. Finally, we are journeying to Outlands, which will ease us into Draenor. That will likely be in the summer. Things concerning Argus may also happen sooner or later of which I am eagerly anticipating and terribly excited. I try to keep spoilers to a minimum until launched officially in-game so forgive me if I do not know a lot about upcoming features at first. Big things are happening, all at once! :D
This is the best guild! Everyone is so friendly and helpful as we journey together. We always have fun during outings and meetings by sharing stories, refreshments and treats. Woot! :D
Thank you for all your kind words! I am proud of you all for everything.

We did it, friends! Today we set aside our worries and braved the trek to Outlands. Now, we must settle in and reconvene to plan out our trip in more detail. Stay tuned, and I look forward to this big storyline adventure with you all! <3
Tonight, our friends in the Fellowship visited Terokkar Forest for the first time. It was a success, and the memories were plentiful! Follow our journey as I update every step of the way.

Where will our hooves take us next?
Currently, we are exploring Shadowmoon Valley! I love all the character progression happening to each of us!

Today, I also realized that our calendar is pretty much booked through the summer, especially with our next arc which will be our travels through Draenor! I could not be more proud.

Also, I have an idea for the dramatic conclusion to our current Outlands storyline, though it will be weeks off. Stay tuned!
Nagrand was explored today, and what a lovely region it is indeed! As much as Shadowmoon Valley was disheartening to see, Nagrand evoked fond memories as we were welcomed with many of the same sights such as the native animals and settlements. Telaar was especially comforting.

Where will our elekks bring us next?
I have no doubts that Outland and Draenor will be an experience with you guys once our expedition reaches that level of the journey :)
04/26/2017 11:35 PMPosted by Firebát
I have no doubts that Outland and Draenor will be an experience with you guys once our expedition reaches that level of the journey :)
I look forward to visiting everything over again! I never tire of seeing the homelands. :)
We had a wonderful time today celebrating Children's Week by visiting the Shattrath orphanage and taking our Draenei children out on many adventures! It was a lot of fun and I look forward to next year!
The Fellowship went on each of the balloon rides around Azeroth and beyond today for the Spring Hot Air Balloon Festival! It was the most fun I have had in some time. Some sort of twist always happened on each balloon that took all of us by surprise. A more detailed account (and screenshots, of course) are on the website!
Since the Fellowship did not finish exploring all of Nagrand last time, we did so today! We had a lovely and very fun adventure, ending on the good note of seeing the Throne of the Elements.

Where will our feywings take us next?
Visiting Zangarmarsh today was a very pleasant experience. Telredor was more beautiful and relaxing than I remembered and I think we all enjoyed Zangarmarsh more than expected! The stable master will be supplying special riding talbuks from Nagrand for our coming travels as well. I am looking forward to next time!
The Glowcap Festival was super and I always love listening to the zone's music. The micro-holiday could not have fit in more perfectly to our storyline!

Where will our talbuks carry us next?
On May 29th, The Draenei Fellowship was founded one year ago and today we got the chance to celebrate to the fullest! Revisiting our headquarters and taking the party to Thousand Needles was a very fun time.

You can read more of my sappy speech in the latest news article on our website, but short and sweet: Thank you to all of my members for being a part of this journey and sharing your amazing characters! The fellowship would not be around without you.
Congrats! Its not easy to keep a guild together and forging into the future. I know.

Looking forward to hearing about your second anniversary!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"

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