Staff of the Inquisiton not dropping

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Numerous threads in General on this.

Nobody has seen a Staff of the Inquisiton. NOBODY.

All casters see is a main hand - and there is *no* offhand.

Between my toons I have a box of bows, a stack of swords, alot of axes, a dozen daggers, a wad of wands, and a gazillion glaives.

No caster stave. No caster offhands.

Is this a bug or is it intended that casters will never get usable iL 700 weapons from the pre-patch event?
Love to know if this will be fixed?
If a bug prevents you from putting a staff and off-hand on the loot table, could you at least consider putting them the Nethershard vendor at any price?

This is Game Master Thraildtia reporting in! Everyone seems to call me Tia for short, though.

Thanks for following up with us here at Blizzard Entertainment's Customer Support Center about the petitioned issue. Just so we're on the same page, it looks like the Staff of Inquisition is not dropping from the Legion Invasion event. Well, let's see what we can find!

After doing a heavy dose of research, I was able to pick something up. As it stands, we have gotten several reports about the Staff of Inquisition and how it's nowhere to be found. We were able to confirm that this is actually a bug and is being worked on by our QA and Development Staff as we speak. What I highly recommend is to Submit a Bug Report (, that way your report gets added to the list of other reports regarding this issue; speeding up the process bit by bit. However, other than this, we have no other information regarding this issue.

The best thing to do is check our BlizzCS Twitter page ( to check for any hotfixes to this, as well as the community forums (

I hope this resolves the issue. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to help. Best of luck, and have a great day! (∩ ゚ヮ゚)⊃━☆゚.*・
I'm afraid to say that the reply you got is a generic bug report one that most GM's use. Even when they don't know if it's a bug or not.

However, there was a tweet from Russ Petersen here that says that the staff was speculation.

If it's a bug, I hope they find a way to fix it or give it to the casters that did the event.
How hard can it be to either fix the mistake and put the staff in the game, or say definitively that it was left out intentionally?
Still not fixed, and other posts have been made about it.
08/15/2016 06:49 PMPosted by Setsuna
How hard can it be to either fix the mistake and put the staff in the game, or say definitively that it was left out intentionally?

I really want to know the reasoning behind leaving it out if it's intentional... not a hint of logic to arbitrarily deciding intelligence users don't get a weapon from this event while everyone else does.
I have heard it was left out intentionally which sucks but yeah.
I received the following response, via a ticket (also posted in two other similar threads):

I submitted a ticket on this, and received the following link as a response:

Ten weapons have been confirmed, and some weapons are not dropping at the rate intended (which is being looked into).

Based on the link the GM provided, there is no staff in the list of ten. I am still hopeful that the Devs will see the numerous posts and interest, and allow staff users an option to obtain one during the Legion Events.
Perhaps that GM should look at the page for themselves and see there's no off-hand options for any spec.
I can put up with my casters having to do a couple bg's to get an offhand, I just want to know if the staff exists or not. looking around on wowhead, I'm seeing "confirmations" from gm's both saying that it's a bug, and the others saying it was indeed removed.

I just want to know if I should keep hunting for this transmog item or not, that's all I'm concerned about.

This is intended. Invasions have no staff, off hand, or shield options available.
How hard is it for them just to put in ? It would take 5 min to even put it up at a vendor or an offhand for crying out loud . Stop gimping casters everyone else gets offhand. Or weapons they need thats some bs .

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