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Muradin and Nordrassil
If one was to look at the data from wowprogress prior to the prepatch, there was a complete story to be told. Those that know what I'm referring to and those that don't, listen up!

Mur/Nord isn't this den of cobwebs that some believe it to be. In fact, there are many players both still subscribing as well as newly returning that would love to not only tear Gul'dan a new one, but also participate in PVE in a setting that promotes both team growth and lasting connections with guildies.

Blizzard has given us this setting in which a person can log-in and crush a boss with a bunch of strangers... but there is still something missing... am I right?

In the spirit of days gone by, myself and a group of like-minded individuals are returning to the days of old. A cohesive GROUP OF GROUPS that hang out, have fun and hit some content... TOGETHER. Prior to today, we were recruiting for one progression based group... but I say hell with that. Let's recruit enough so anybody that wants to raid like it was in Vanilla, BC and Wrath can do so and make it feel like those days. Let's recruit for hardcore teams AND casual teams and give everybody a place to do their thing how it's SUPPOSED to be done. How it was done before.

In short, this means that we would like to welcome folks that have a TEAM-ORIENTED spirit, BOTH casuals and hardcores. Multiple teams and multiple groups, different strokes for different folks, all that jazz...

If this sounds like something you would be interested in participating in:

Lypro#1265 - contact me anytime.

Thanks Muradin, Onward to the Legion.
Mitsuna, Drama N Mage Tears stands beside Nevermore in restoring this server. Muradin has been down for a while now, but it is time to get the community back that once was. The merger with Nordrassil brought some life back into the server, but it is time to build upon that.


AGREED, Onward to the Legion!
I'm glad to see more people coming back and especially getting into the PVE scene on Nord/Muradin. Witty Name will be doing our part horde-side.
Thanks for the support guys!

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