[A] Reckless Few recruitment.

Muradin and Nordrassil
Reckless Few- (formerly Relentless Assault). We left Muradin after years of calling it home in 2010 for Greymane and came back just prior to Legion. Most of us have been playing together for 10-14 years. We are looking for XP raiders for raid nights as posted.

Raid times
Tuesday - 7:00pm
Friday - 7:00pm
Saturday - Guild RBG/WPVP

(All raid times are server time and generally run no later than 10:00pm. Additionally Farm and Mythic progression nights will happen once the launch Heroic has been cleared.Launch progression raid times are as intended but the opening Tier/Raid will be run on call outside of schedule when necessary to speed up our farm and progression table.)

Note: Muradin runs at CST time.

Raid needs: Classes and specs currently needed vary. Any player who is worthy of a spot will be considered.

Raiding requirements
- Must have Discord with the ability to at least listen.
- Know the class and spec you are playing to it's fullest( that should really go without saying.)
- Raid attendance and timeliness are key.
- Don't be a jerk.
- Follow current guidelines outlined in the rules and regs on guilds page.

** Basic raid rules on attendance and finer details are found in our guild rules page of our online site for guildies.)

Previous raid feats

Realm first: Glory of the Legion raider.(Defiled Reins)

Emerald nightmare:
Realm first Aotc.
Realm first Mythic Emerald Nightmare Guild run.(The Dreamer)

Trial of Valor:
Realm first Mythic Odyn.
Realm first Mythic Guarm.

Realm first Mythic Chronomatic Anomly
Realm first Mythic Trilliax

Tomb of Sargeras:
Realm first ToS Guild run (Deceiver's Fall).

Antorus, The Burning Throne:
Top World 400 Garothi(H)
Top World 300 Felhounds(H)

Battle for Azeroth raid feats

Uldir raid highlights

Realm first Mythic Taloc
Realm first Mythic MOTHER

We have families to take care of and full time jobs like everyone else. We are goofy and shoot the crap. When it comes down to it, the time we put in when we are raiding is to do work. We don't want to waste anyone's time.

Guild rated bg's and random pvp events also take place . PVP based players are more than welcome. Casual players are also welcome as always.

If you are a progression raider, PVPer or even casual and the times and guild seem a good fit, feel free to message Zestroz(#1480) in game for information and or details.
Still have room for 2 healers, and possible ranged spots! Get on the team before its full!
Cool to see you guys come back to Nord/Muradin, good luck in the progression race!
Update: open
Update: Exceptional applicants being scouted for the team! We have cleared all mythic dungeons on launch week. Get in now before its to late!
experienced holy pally LF raiding guild, please contact me in game through mail about times I could catch you on. Got a couple of questions if that's alright
I'm usually on everyday for at least 2 hours, look forward to hearing from you.
Edit: Exceptional dps. A few spots are open. Get in now while the xpack is fresh! Message Zestroz or Cadias in game with details.
For Edit*
831 Rogue LF guild to raid and PvP on usually every night. Send me a in game mail. I play sub and assassination
Still recruiting any? Looking for a new server/guild. WW/BrM846. Also like to heal PvP.
Here's my Btag - Wanderer#11355, if you want to talk more/ are interested.
We currently have room for the following class/spec. Shadow priest, Elly/Enhance shaman, warlock. All applicants at this point before raid are expected to be 845+ and follow the guidelines in the post body. Thank you.
Looking for a raid ready Spriest/EllySham for our progression team. Add Zestroz#1480 to speak with me and go over details on the requirements.
Looking for two exceptional dps for our current raid roster. Message me using in game mail or through Zestroz#1480 on Battle.net for more details.
1 dps spot remaining for the weekend raid team. Talk to me now before your sol.
I've been looking for a west coast server and would be interested in joining your guild! I'm looking for a weekend group to run with (raids/5mans). Let me know if we can chat in-game!
Currently recruiting DPS for the Heroic and Mythic raid team. Tank and heal proficient players are encouraged to apply. Send us a whisper or mail in game to talk.
Currently Recruiting all for additional team as well as current team.

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