[A] Reckless Few recruitment.

Muradin and Nordrassil
Bumpity bump!
Still looking for elite ranged dps to help us push mythic Uld before 8.1!
I'm by no means elite (gear wise) But I'd love to tag along for a Mythic dungone or two or three or how ever many it takes to get 2 hyrdorcores.

Only started playing again about am2 weeks ago. I was a HC raider / PVPer in Vanilla on Uther and Sen Jin. Server firsts on C'thulu and some Naxx content.

Got a new career in BC so focused on Arena and was on the number 1 alliance team for several weeks before real life took over. Alos Blizzard made the hunter NOT fun in BC at all.

Came back in Lich but rolled a DK and tanked. Bailed again and came back for end of Cata and a lot of panda, but casual. Only did heroic 10 mans in Panda as a DPS / Tank DK.

Came back to Hunter in BFA, having fun, loving PvP again. But would love to get in with some quality people.

TL;DR I'm just a guy, who loves wow, can play pretty dang good. does what he is told. Needs 2 hyrdocores. Am nice enough to know what helping someone means and in turn will pay back kind gestures. Also, I like pie and 80's synthpop.

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