Enhance Opinions and Suggestions

Overall, I love the new feel of Enhance. I've had my hands on it for a bit over a month now, and I feel I've pinned down what I do, and do not, like about the spec. (I got a late beta key from a friend)

Due to the character limit, and how much I like to type, I've broken it into two posts. These are simply my opinions on what I do and do not like about the class, and I would love to hear what you guys think about the suggestions. I also understand that we are past the point for core gameplay changes, but these are simply things that I would like to see in the future.

General Opinion

Maelstrom is great, and the new buffs certainly fit Enhancement more than Unleash did. I feel like we're in a very good place, but the spec currently feels like it lacks some of the frontloaded "oomph" that Enhance has always had, now that Stormstrike is a spender, along with also being a bit more slowpaced than I'd like. My enjoyment of enhance has declined a bit since the patch, as it does not play like the spec I've enjoyed since BC, but I still like my spec and overall enjoy it, even though I'd like to see changes.

Rockbiter and Boulder Fist
Boulderfist was added as an option to slow down Enhance's gameplay, but it did that too well, with current tuning, especially since it's on a talent row with two options that speed up gameplay. I feel that the current Boulderfist should be the baseline Rockbiter, and that the Boulderfist talent should be replaced with the below, to maintain a talent in the row that slow down gameplay and still provides competitive damage, and gives an AoE option.

Boulder Fists: Your Rockbiter empowers your next Lava Lash or Stormstrike to slam a boulder into the target, dealing X damage to the target and all enemies within 8 yards.

Windsong and Hot Hands would continue to serve their purpose of speeding up the rotation, while Boulder Fists would lag slightly behind on single target, but give you an additional AoE option that also fits with the spec's identity of enhancing yourself.

Combat Pacing and L75 Talents
One of the things I have always loved about Enhance has been that we can jump straight into combat with our hardest hitting abilities. The current gameplay does not deliver on that, and I feel that there is a way to bring it back, while still falling within the Enhancement class fantasy.

The Tempest talent currently does not feel like it provides a meaningful impact on gameplay. A second charge of Stormbringer simply promotes pooling maelstrom and it feels very punishing when you get an extended streak of no procs. Similarly, the Overcharge talent doesn't provide anything other than raw damage, and is a rather boring choice. To that end, I propose the below changes to enhance gameplay, and provide more meaningful choices for players.

Tempest: You charge yourself with the power of storms, causing you next Stormstrike to generate 40 Maelstrom and trigger Crash Lightning. 30s CD. (For clarity's sake, it would proc the cleave damage provided by the buff, not the ability itself.)

Overcharge: Your next Lightning bolt consumes up to 45 Maelstorm for up to X% increased damage, and trigger Stormbringer, but has a 10s CD.

The Tempest change would allow players who enjoy the front loaded damage that Enhance has always had to continue to enjoy an aspect of the spec they have for a long time (like me).

The Overcharge change will allows players who enjoy the pooling aspect of Maelstrom to continue to enjoy that gameplay, and provide a use for a talent that is currently dull.

L100 Talents
Currently, the Level 100 talents are rather underwhelming, and don't feel like they provide much as a last row of talents. Ascendance and Earthen Spike both seem like good talents, but don't last long enough to gain the full benefit, while Landslide is completely passive and provides a boring static damage buff. I feel that all three of these talents have great potential with small changes.

Ascendance: Increase duration to 30s.

Landslide: Your Rockbiter attacks gain momentum as you fight, reducing the cooldown by .2s per use, stacking up to 5 times. Lasts 10s. (For clarity, this talent would use the above Rockbiter suggestion, where it's basically the live version of Boulderfist)

Earthen Spike: Summon an Earthen Spike under the target, dealing X damage. Your next Lava Lash against the target will cause the spike to rupture and explode, dealing Y damage to the target and enemies within 5 yards, and causing them to take 10% increased damage from your abilities for 10s. 20s CD.

Ascendance is a great cooldown, but it current has a base duration lower than Stormstrike's base cooldown, and can lead to a very disappointing Ascendance where you only get two Windstrikes off, and that's not fun. Doubling the duration gives you time to fully enjoy your ascended state, and be a more consistent cooldown. If need, the passive maelstrom generation during Ascendance could be lowered for balance purposes.

Landslide is currently the default choice in the teir, and it is simply boring. When I think of a Landslide, I think of rocks and boulders rolling down a hill at an increasing pace until they destroy whatever they hit at the bottom. The suggested change would provide the very fast gameplay that is the hot hands/rockbiter combo on live, and it would be a thematic fit for the spec.

Earthen Spike is a cool talent, but doesn't currently deliver in fun or numbers. The suggested change would give an AoE option in a teir with none, and provide a bit of combo enhancement play for those that would enjoy it.

All of the above suggestions should serve to further solidy the spec's identity of enhancing your weapons to smash your foes, and I believe they would make the spec much more enjoyable and provide some additional options for those that love the spec, old and new.
The very first artifact talent Doom hammer gives you is Doom Winds which allows you to have some "oomph" right as you start out by allowing all auto attacks to trigger Windfury and increasing damage dealt by Windfury for 6 seconds.

With more and more haste and mastery the spec will gradually fill out to what it's supposed to feel like. Pop heroism and go attack a training dummy, the rotation feels so much better than the normal attack speed does.

Enhance is a class that leans heavily on their Artifact compared to other classes. To make a comparison now that will be your only judgement for the entire class throughout Legion doesn't really work.
I am aware of how much better the class feels with the artifact, and how the increased secondary values at 110 will improve gameplay.

However, as Blizzard has stated multiple times that the classes are balanced around not having an artifact, I've focused my feedback on what it feels like without said artifact. Without the artifact, gameplay right now at 100, barring increased stats, is exactly what it'd be like when we start the next expansion and give up the artifact. Therefore, these are pointed toward long term changes, since I understand that the Legion is here, and Doomhammer will fix the short term problems.

Still bothers me that "Stormstrike" does Physical damage... it should be at least half phys / half nature, as Death Knight's Scourge Strike. The tooltip says that we imbue our weapon with lightning, so.......... also, our hardest hitting attack would scale with our mastery, which would be perfect!

Cmon Blizz, reduce the amount of weapon damage on SS, and make it do Nature damage! Even Retribution's Templar's Verdict is doing pure Holy damage nowadays!.
I agree that it feels weird that Stormstrike does physical damage. It always has, so they probably won't change it, but if it did nature damage it'd make more sense. Just reduce the weapon damage scaling to compensate for ignoring armor and the mastery boost. Ascendance could reduce Stormstrike cooldown by half instead of the ignore armor effect that would be built in with nature damage. Also, I want the Stormblast graphic back during Asc, that was amazing.
I agree the nature damage would be preferable. But at least now as it is we can hit rogues with cloak up with it. Its our only ability that does hit through cloak unless you talent Sundering.

Also love the ideas Stormaker put out there I think they would feel fluent and fit our class fantasy well, while also giving us the shove in the right direction we need.

What bothers me the most is the lack of ability to close the gap in PVP. Feral Lunge is not holding up and the wind rush totem is sub par. We need a gap closer!
One would think to simply put a root / snare effect on Feral Lunge, but appears to much to ask for
ya stormstrike hits like a wet noodle vs plate wearers . Only reason i am considering specing into overcharge. Least then we have two forms of damage.
I've been thinking about the mobility thing for a while, and while I was initially excited about gaining Feral Lunge, the Spirit Walk nerf kinda balanced it out and I feel we're still lacking.

I think that Spirit Walk could use a rework. It's a nice sprint, but we're not rogues, and it's not that interesting of an ability. Feral Lunge is also nice, but lacks in that it puts you where the target was, and has no sticking power.

Wind Rush: Spirit Walk, but Windfury procs reduce the remaining CD by 1s.
Wind Rush Totem: Same as now, but also gains the Windfury proccing CD Reduction.
Feral Lunge: Same, but summons a Feral Spirit for 5s that gnaws the target's leg and reduces their movement by 50%.

Wind Rush fits much better with the enhancement theme of enhancing ourselves with the elements, and provides a boost more often that rewards hitting things (and wouldn't just be burst of speed 2.0). Feral Lunge is nice, but lacking, and adding a snare would go a long way.
Looking forward to 7.2 and class changes that extend beyond numbers tweaks, I'm hoping we get some good stuff.

More than anything, i just want a way to trigger stormbringer, rather than it being purely RNG. Going the entirety of bloodlust without a single proc just feels terrible. Uncommon, but terrible.

I think the L75 row in particular needs some diversity, and some changes could be great.
I'm just hoping 7.2 will fix all the things they seem to be making less fluid in 7.1.5 right now. -_-;;

Just make Frostbrand cost 35 Maelstrom in PVP and 20 in PVE. I don't care about the snare, it's completely irrelevent to how much damage I do to Ursoc or the adds in Cenarius.

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