Shadow Dance and the Stealth Bar

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We’ve been reading all of the feedback throughout beta regarding Shadow Dance and the desire to have it use the “Stealth action bar.” To get right to the point, after an upcoming hotfix, Subtlety Rogues will find that Shadow Dance swaps their main action bar to the alternate bar that is used while in Stealth.

For a bit of context on the late change to our thinking on this: we rarely allow automatic functionality (such as action bar swaps, or macros) to choose between core damage abilities on the player’s behalf. We believe it’s important that the player has to make those choices themselves. The Rogue Stealth bar has always been a minor exception to this, but for many years, the Stealth bar was only active for the single ability you used to open a combat, and was not seen again for the duration of combat (other than with Vanish). The ability to bind your openers to the same buttons as your rotational abilities was a convenience that didn’t affect your use of abilities in combat.

However, the new Shadow Dance (and to a lesser extent Subterfuge), has resulted in some Rogues regularly using openers during combat, as elements of their rotation. In this case, the Stealth bar changes from a minor convenience that lets you place once-per-combat buttons on more convenient keybinds, to actually making regular, mid-combat decisions for you.

That said, after following the ongoing discussions and carefully considering your feedback, we understand the desire for consistency with other abilities that allow Stealth-only actions. Given the gray area that Shadow Dance is in, and the widespread feedback that using the Stealth bar would be more consistent and intuitive, we’ve decided to go ahead and allow Shadow Dance to once again swap your main action bar. This hotfix is scheduled to live with weekly restarts in each region.

A few details for players who use macros to further manage their buttons:
  • Shadow Dance will be treated similarly to Subterfuge for the purposes of macro conditionals. It will not activate [stealth], but it will activate [stance:2].
  • If you want to make a macro that mimics the behavior of the main bar (i.e. swapping when you have any of Stealth, Vanish, Subterfuge, or Shadow Dance), you can use the macro conditional [bonusbar:1].
Highly Rated
YAY ! Thank you for this change, much appreciated.
Thank you,Thank you
I am just happy to know that the Devs are reading our feedback, much appreciated.
Thank you!
This is a very welcome change!
Amazing !
Much needed change, but I can't help but wonder how and why this even got changed in the first place. With the change to shadow dance (it gets used more often than it ever has), your argument about "once per combat" use makes no sense whatsoever......
Thank you.

Muito obrigado!

(...Now can we please un-nerf the shadow strike range plz? Or at least make it 20 yards...?)
08/15/2016 11:21 AMPosted by Tazjin

(...Now can we please un-nerf the shadow strike range plz? Or at least make it 20 yards...?)

20 Yards seems fair to me.
Thanks for listening :D
Is there a way to keep the bars functioning the same as the did before this hotfix? I know many people wanted this change, but others have gotten used to no stealth bar for Shadow Dance.

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