Glaive of the Fallen and Felshroud Vest

Bug Report
Hello there,

I have all 12 classes at level 100. I've been doing the invasion on all of them as well. I haven't had any issue until just now. I got home, logged in, and I can't even attack with my Demon Hunter who has 2 Glaive of the Fallen because they have the red question mark as the icon and just say "Retrieving item information"... when you hover over them.

The same exact issue exists with the leather chest piece, Felshroud Vest. I have checked on all my leather-wearer character, who all have the chest, and for all of the characters, it's the same issue. The red question mark for the icon and "Retrieving item information..." when you hover over it.

Hoping you can fix this soon as I can't even play on my Demon Hunter until this is fixed...


Same problem here: my warglaives are displayed as "retrieving item information" and I cannot use any of my attacks requiring a melee weapon - it's as though I had no weapon equipped! When I try to attach it to mail it simply says "item not found".

I've seen several other threads with this exact problem; Blizz please do something about this (or let us know you are working on it!)

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