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So with all this fancy "class fantasy" and more focus on class stories and quest coming back into the game, it gave me a reason to look back at all the old class quest content and then I remembered what stood above all the rest, and that was Warlocks.

Warlocks are the only class in this game to feel like they have grown as a character from Vanilla to Legion. From a story and quest perspective of course.

This thread will contain spoilers to Legion around the bottom, so if you're not interested in that don't read the last part!


Those who joined after the days of infinite grinds, broken things everywhere and where some of the players were so bad they were legit fun to play to play with, never got a chance to do class quest.

Demons, know those things you get every free levels out of no where? Well, back in the day you had to actually go out across the world, into dungeons into high level areas and enslave some of them yourself and thats how you would get your demon summons, it felt like a real growing experience.. and then the quest to get your I believe it was infernal? Just so epic.

Your Mount

After you've secured your basic demons its time for a mount. Other people could just buy theirs, and you could too, but WHY when you can have a flaming demon horse. Now today.. like demons you get it for free and thats it. Back in the day you had to clear Diremaul (which finding a group to do that for you was a task in itself.) Summon the dreadsteed from another world and take it down and make it yours.


A lot of people like to boast on how "Easiest fight in the game, only noobs can't do it." Despite me knowing a few veteran warlock players who even had trouble with this guys initial release.

The quest line leading up to it was pretty neat, learning more about these demons you've been enslaving and the magic you've been using over the years leading up to the eventual fight against a warlock gone mad, a member of the Black Harvest council Kanrethad. In return fancy cosmetic spells, even though lorewise this was actually a HUGE powerboost for your character.



So, this is more so from the perspective of a Destruction Warlock, but regardless they all get the same beginning. It all starts when the council of the black harvest summons you, as they need their 6th warlock for a ritual. They have not forgotten your actions and Kanrethad, and they name you the 6th.

All well and good, i'll spare the details of the ritual and order hall, what matters is the destruction side of things. You go out to claim the Scepter of Sargeras, and to do so you need to hunt down remaining members of the Shadow Council on Azeroth, going to places like Scholomance and eventually returning to the Broken Shore. The quest is long and way too much to type out, but the gist of it, you end up fooling Gul'dan into thinking you're turning coat and picking his side.

I love this part because Gul'dan even refers to you as one of the heroes from Draenor, choosing to join the winning side now. After a battle with someone else wanting to be gul'dans second in command he gives you control of the Scepter of Sargeras while he returns to Argus and instructs you to use an alter to amplify its power and open thousands of portals, instead you burn the place to a crisp and take the staff for your own.

You then return to your order hall, !@#$ up the pit-lord who owns the place, cut out his heart and hang it up for all the other demons to see and know they're your %^-*! now.

It's really interesting to see how the Warlock feels like a class where you started from nothing, and slowly grew your way to what Legion is making everyone else. They seem to feel like the only class that deserves these artifacts and titles.
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Demons, know those things you get every free levels out of no where? Well, back in the day you had to actually go out across the world, into dungeons into high level areas and enslave some of them yourself and thats how you would get your demon summons, it felt like a real growing experience.. and then the quest to get your I believe it was infernal? Just so epic.

I remember how long and convoluted some of those quests were. It's extremely vague to me now, but i can draw up some memories.

Like picking up void shards in the ghoslands, clearing out a building in goldenmist village (because the aggro range on those mobs was terribly long), summoning the voidwalker for the first time, then killing it (which was not an easy task for me).

And if you failed i think you had go back and collect another shard.

I barely remember the succubus quest, but i do kind of remember going to undercity to summon it.

I can't for the life of me remember what i had to do for the rest.
The first horse wasn't bad but getting your high speed mount that was on hell of a thing to pull off. Long crazy trip that was
Quest for the Staff of Sargeras sounds fantastic. Do people who have never done the warlock green fire quest get to know that demons are all "enslaved" creatures from peaceful worlds and that moarg and fel guards are titan constructs. Overall it feels like lorewise Warlocks are always so relevant and has plenty of representation. Seems like somebody up there likes us.
The Succubus quest was interesting. Gives you a different outlook on the demon depending on which one you did. If you did it from Undercity you had to go and cut some poor buggers heart out. If you did it from Ogrimar I believe you had to collect the locket of the fruit vendor's long lost love.
I agree you had power growth, but you're certainly not alone. Glad you enjoy it, though.
As I recall, from the Alliance side, the Voidwalker had to be summoned down in the crypt beneath the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind, the Felhound was in Ratchet. Those early pet quests were great!

The Infernal was taught from a rare book you'd randomly get off a spawned mob in Felwood I believe... It was the Doomguard quest that was crazy. You had to speak with an NPC in the demon infested area of the Blasted Lands, right near where the world boss Kazzak spawned (pre BC/WoD locations). He'd send you on a few quests that took a bit to complete before you'd be granted the ability to summon the Doomguard pet. AND the ritual to summon it was just as crazy! You'd call down a stone slab, not unlike the soul stone vending machine we use today (only square) and you'd need to be in a party of 5. Everyone would click on the slab and after 30 seconds, one of you would DIE. Then the Doomguard would appear.

With both the Doomguard and the Infernal, you had to enslave it immediately after summoning as it would attack you. Then, you'd only get to use it for 5 minutes before it would break free and attack you again. You could only reenslave it 3 times, each with a shorter duration than the last, before you had to kill it.

The Epic mount quest was a long chain. It was also expensive given the mats you had to go out and obtain or purchase. Lots of dungeons, and quests were involved. Totally worth it though. If you're an older player, like myself, and you stiil have those mats, you can still initiate the event in Dire Maul!

There was also the quest for the Soul Harvester Scythe weapon that was so iconic for warlocks back then (the only scythe weapon in the game, and it was ours!). Some people took the abyssal shard, which would enable you to summon a Voidwalker without needing soul shards. A big deal back in the day.

Those were good times. I still have a Firestone in my bag, along with an infernal stone and demonic figurine. All warlock stuff that no longer can be obtained.

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