Final 352 Mythic Dungeon Boss Kills.

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This week.

Hoping for my last Heirloom Trinket, done around 1000 boss kills in total so far across my all characters and I have every trinket except the healer one.

Gonna be devastating if I don't get it this week xD because it would total over 1.3k bosses killed.

But hey, RNG is RNG.. my friend got every single trinket in just 3 mythic dungeons total.. how I want to strangle him. ><

Maybe making a forum post will increase my luck? it has for previous things :D
I wish you luck.
I hear stories of people running mythics for months to get all the trinkets.
I also hear stories of people getting 2 in the same run. I got all of mine in 3 weeks, and i didnt do everyone per week. I hope you have better luck. RNG is crazy.
I have a hard time believing that the OP killed 1000 mythic dungeon bosses and didn't get all the heirloom trinkets.

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