[H]<Pixel Perfect> - Casual/Semi-HC Guild LFM

Hydraxis and Terenas
Looking for more!
Attempting to find decent, mature people to run with us in a Semi-Hardcore fashion, we aren't looking for Hardcore Mythic Raids, just getting together, having fun and knocking out HardMode Raids, Mythic+ Dungeons and whatever we can get a group together for.

Please look here for our recruitment thread:
Still looking for more raiders in legion! Accepting any and all comers. We especially need dps!
Only thing we expect you to bring is a positive attitude!
Bored waiting for Legion to drop and looking for a new solid yet laid back group of raiders? Look no further! Hit me up on bnet @ Kamikaze#1578 to join the rest of the pixels! :)
The doors to the first raid in Legion are open! Are you still looking for a good albeit laid back casual team to have fun with on Monday/Tuesday nights?! If so, we're always looking for more players that want to have fun in a mature and long established environment, yet without commitments and an understanding that this isn't your second job, only something to enjoy after and get your mind off of that first job. :)

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